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    Default Cost of home vs Couples

    We just spent the weekend at a local resort on the beach here in San Diego. We were celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. The room was not as nice as the rooms at Couples. The room cost $248 per night. We brought about $250.00 worth of food and drinks with us. We ate and drank on site for the most part. We did go off resort for dinner one night. Our total cost for two nights staying local was well over $1,000.00. So I was just thinking if we spent $500 per night here, Couples is a bargain. Plus we did not indulge near as much as we do at Couples. There were no included anything. Even to play the little putting course cost $35.00 each… Just though I would post what I was thinking… We did have a great weekend but next year it is back to Couples. We are booked for 8-19-11 to 8-27-11 at CN….

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    My husband & I travel around Florida alot, and I agree! We end up spending ALOT more in expenses for hotel, food etc than Couples all the time! Kudos to Couples for maintaining an affordable vacation for us "adults" to enjoy ourselves and our endulges! 113 days to go till we return to CSA!

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    We stayed in NYC for our 23rd anniversary this summer. Two nights at the Peninsula + Massages at the Peninsula spa + Dinners at Craft and Le Bernardin + Tickets to South Pacific = Thousands of dollars.
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    We spend a week at Sans Souci every December & take 2 or 3 other trips to various places during the rest of the year. Couples is always our least expensive vacation. It really is an incredible bargain when you compare everything Couples offers to other vacation options. Add the wonderful staff & beautiful surroundings to the equation & it's no wonder so many of us come back year after year.

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    I agree 100%
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    We agree - we add up the costs for meals, drinks, activities, etc... and figure the room-only cost is less than staying at the local Holiday Inn! Shhhh, don't tell Randy!!

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    Opps, I never thought of Randy...Never mind I was lying about the cost...much cheaper to stay home and just as much fun too....ya, right!

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    Bearso, We also agree 100%. We recently stayed at a resort in Florida, took them up on the free breakfast and 100 dollars and listened to the presentation on how wonderful buying a one week time-share at there resort would be. Well 2 hours later, 2 mini waffles a half a cup of coffee and a whole lot of bull, we got our 100 dollars. I can't tell you how stressful that was. Couples! Couples! Couples!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    We just spent the weekend at a local resort on the beach here in San Diego. We did go off resort for dinner one night.
    Careful, you have to watch out for the locals! And they drive so crazy, too. Bearso, you have to try Laylah's Jamaican Restaurant on El Cajon Blvd next time you go "off the resort".

    We had some friends come to town recently and they spent about what you did for a beach resort room. But in all fairness there are some cheaper places to stay and lots of great free stuff to do in San Diego. The cost of airfare from the west coast is usually what stops us from visiting Jamaica more often. Couples is indeed a great bargain considering all you get, in fact there's no other place we've found where you really feel like you get full value for your travel dollar like you do at Couples.
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    We once went to San Diego and we got to visit with Bearso and his lovely wife.. and we spent a whole lot of money!

    Totally worth it though! They are absolutely fantastic hosts.. (Even if you are supposed to be there for business)

    Thanks again Barry and Patty.. That was a really fun trip for us, and it was fun because of you two.

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    Yep Cubismo, I wish we were a shorter less expensive plane ride away from Couples. It's one of the few things that would make living on the other side of the country attractive.

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    Spiff542, Thanks for the props! We had as blast during your visit too... We need to make the farm party out your way some day.

    Cubismo, Yes the airfare does counter a large part of the event. It takes two full days to get there and back and the flight mostly SUCK! The old AJ red-eye flight out of LA was kind nice but you still had to get to LA.

    Doncindy, The ole time share scam....I have fallen for that one too...

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    I couldn't agree more! When we first went to Jamaica my husband and I thought we would return in maybe 5 years. Then later in the year we took our kids to Branson, MO for 2 nights... not including gas and shopping we spent almost $1200!!! And... It was boring! That was just hotel, food, park passes and one dinner show for 4 people! Oh AND I froze! Thats when we realized that we CAN go to Jamaica every year! So ready to return and our first trip to Couples!

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    Yes, indeed, Couples IS a great value. Having said that, I do feel compelled to point out that there are many of us who could not afford to return to Couples each year without the wonderful 'plan ahead' or weekly specials they offer. (Such as "Fall in Love Again").

    My gut feeling (and hope) is that Couples has made a conscious decision NOT to "exclusify" the resorts so as to appeal and be available to a larger cross section of people. Things such as: not being able to reserve specific rooms, having the whole resort open to all, top shelf drinks and food for everyone... and the special pricing offers, all these contribute to leveling the playing field. One of the great things about staying at Couples (other than the tremendous staff and beautiful grounds and facilities) is that you do not encounter many stuffy, snooty, me-first people. The management of the resorts have carved out a niche that I believe is pretty darn unique. As us Couples-a-holics say, we're coming home again, to a place with people we love to be around.

    Thank you to all at Couples and my fellow guests. See you in late November!

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