We just spent the weekend at a local resort on the beach here in San Diego. We were celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. The room was not as nice as the rooms at Couples. The room cost $248 per night. We brought about $250.00 worth of food and drinks with us. We ate and drank on site for the most part. We did go off resort for dinner one night. Our total cost for two nights staying local was well over $1,000.00. So I was just thinking if we spent $500 per night here, Couples is a bargain. Plus we did not indulge near as much as we do at Couples. There were no included anything. Even to play the little putting course cost $35.00 each… Just though I would post what I was thinking… We did have a great weekend but next year it is back to Couples. We are booked for 8-19-11 to 8-27-11 at CN….