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    Default resort photographer

    Since it will be a small wedding (only our two), we decided to use a resort photographer. Just wondering how to hire a resort photographer? Need to book in advance or book after arrival? Any recommondations? We will get marriaged at CN in November, 2010. Many thanks

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    We got married at CSA in April. We had Andrew Vassell as our photographer. He is amazing! He really impressed me with the pics. I guess after 11 or so years you get really good at it. I couldnt be happier with our pics.

    check them out on facebook if you want. Traci Raymond (Wisconsin)

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    From the pictures I have seen the resort photographer does not do very well. No offense to those who got it with couples. They don't edit or do jounalistic work They look very amature. If you want to see GREAT work check out the local ones MUCH better. We choose Stacy Clark but there are alot of great ones that were already booked I would have gone with also.

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    I think it is extremely wrong for others to remark on resort photography I just got married at CSS on 8/9/10 and we have the most fabu pics I have them on my facebook if you would like to see "Janet Wilson Johnson" or e-mail and just as good as any of the pro's that charge $1500-$2000 because they add in the $500 resort fee IMO so hey if you have that much by all means go ahead but for others like me it was not "do"able so I am very pleased with mine!


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    My friend used the resort photographer and hers came out great. We are going to be using the resort photographer as well.

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    We are getting married at CTI, just the 2 of us. I really wanted to use the resort photographer, but instead I have hired an outside photographer.

    CTI's resort photographer seems to do really nice pictures, but they are not edited which is important to me. Plus you get 1 hour with them. 1 hour for ceremony, cake, around the resort seems really rushed to me, and I am not paying an extra $100 for 1 hour of time. We also really wanted a DVD montage/slideshow, not the actual video.

    So, if we had chosen the resort photographer we would have paid $650 for the DEluxe 36 picture & DVD package, plus $100 more for the additional hour.

    Instead we are paying $1050, ($500 fee included) and are getting a DVD montage, and 300ish edited pics with unlimited time (we will be 2 hours max). So for me I will shell out the extra $300 for peace of mind.

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    We are getting married at CSA mid Feb. In our 40's, it's not important to us to have 100's of pictures or the DVD as I was married before and never watched the DVD. I think it's one of those "nice to haves" that just sits in a cupboard.

    We are leaning towards the resort photographer.

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    Hey CNP,
    It doesn't look like many have actually answered your question. If you choose to use the resort photographer just let the wedding coordinator know. You should be in contact with one after having registered for your wedding slot.
    They will be able to to answer all your questions and help you make your hair appointment(if you choose to get one) which should be schedualed ahead of time, no sooner than 6 months out though. Things like cake, flowers, exact location can be chosen once you get to the actual resort.

    Hope this helps!
    ps the resort photographers do a good job. But if you're looking for high quality, professional touch ups, and a lot of time spent with them that's when people tend to choose an outside professional.

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    Thank you everyone! These information are very helpful. I think I will use a resort photographer. I like very natural style photos. Snapshot kind. I can use photoshop to edit them by myself if it is necessary.

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    I'll be using the resort photographer. The photos from Andrew Vassell are one of my favs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sensfan View Post
    Instead we are paying $1050, ($500 fee included) and are getting a DVD montage, and 300ish edited pics with unlimited time (we will be 2 hours max). So for me I will shell out the extra $300 for peace of mind.
    Do you mind sharing who you are using for that price? That is about what we'd like to spend, but so far the pricing that I've seen is double that (really just started looking, though)... thanks!

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