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    Has anyone used her for a photographer? Looking for a skilled person who is not too expensive. I don't like the resort photography I have seen...I know you get what you pay for but want the best for my money

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    We are using Misha her work.

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    Hey...I actually just booked with Stacy yesterday for our wedding next year. I really like what I have seen on her website and she is so sweet to deal with. If you check out Best Destination Wedding Forums and search her name you will get lots of threads and comments about her work! Hope this helps.

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    Hi, I got married this year at CSA. We had Andrew Vassell as our photographer and he was amazing! I still wish to this day that i would have purchase all of our pics. If you would like to see them , friend request me on facebook, i would love to share my day and his great work with you. I know for me, the pics were a huge concern. He also set up my camcorder for me and took care of filming our weddding too!

    Good luck!

    Traci Raymond

    His web site is

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    My husband and I used Stacey Clarke last December (121/14/09) for our wedding. We absolutely loved her and her work. She does a great job and was fair priced back then...I don't know her prices now.

    If you'd like to see our pictures feel free to ask.

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    Please use Stacey Clarke! We just got back this past Saturday from our wonderful weddingmoon at CSA. We used Stacey Clarke for our pictures and could not be more happy! Not only is she an amazing photographer but we now consider her a dear friend. She helped my wife get dressed and even helped pick us up an extra suitcase since Amanda brought to many clothes with her and our luggage was over the weight limit. We are getting the pictures resized now and will be happy to post some in a few days. Stacey is absolutely amazin!

    Jason and Amanda Loukota

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    we are going to use Stacey in November, she looks like she does great work!!

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    I used Diana Campbell and was very happy with the results! Another bride was using Stacey at the same time, and her pictures are beautiful as well! I think you couldn't go wrong with either of them, and they are well worth the extra money.

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    We are using Misha Earle in November...did alot of research and absolutely love her work...and so far she has been wonderful!!!!! Can't wait for the big day!!!!! 54 more sleeps!

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