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    Default Question - Connecting Flights on Delta

    I've been out of the country on cruises, but never flying. I have a question about what happens to our luggage. We are flying Delta from St. Louis to Atlanta, then we have a 3 hour layover, then we fly Delta from Atlanta to Montego Bay. My question is - since all flights are with Delta will we be able to check our bags when we leave st louis & not see them again until montego bay? Or do we actually have to track down our checked luggage during the layover & check it back in to get on the connecting flight? I'm sure I can call the airline for this question, but somehow I trust your answers more LOL! Thank you in advance!

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    On the way down, you will give up your luggage in St Louis and not see it again until you get to Jamaica. On the way back, you will have to go through immigration, get your luggage, go through customs, and then recheck your luggage. We flew through Atlanta last Dec and it goes pretty smoothly although the airport is huge and there's a lot of walking around.

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    Hi Painterartist, when flying out of the US, you will check your bags at your first airport (St. Louis) and they will automatically be transferred in Atlanta. You'll pick them up when you arrive in Montego Bay to go through customs there.

    On your return, you'll have to pick them up in Atlanta to go through customs, but, then you'll put them back on the conveyer belt in the customs area and they will be loaded onto your flight back to St. Louis.

    Karen & Paul

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    We're also flying Delta. Leaving Pittsburgh, flying into Atlanta, 4 hour layover in Atlanta, then flying to MB. We leave tomorrow and are there until July 30!

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    Default Great!

    Thanks everyone! Knowing the route our luggage will take really puts my mind at ease. We are getting married while we are there & I'm looking forward to worrying about NOTHING for a WHOLE week!!!

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    Painter, we just had Delta flights and it went amazingly smooth. Just in case though, we pack valuables in carryon as well as meds, a change of clothes and swimwear. That way if something is late, we have swimwear and sunscreen to hit the beach with and a change of clothes for dinner.

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    No problems with only a 49 minute layover in Atlanta July 3. I was concerned, but everything made it. Pre check in and print your boarding passes on the way down, it saves a lot of time. Delta wants your baggage on your plane with you, it is very costly to clear it and deliver it to your motel. They have upgrade their system to help make this happen. (I would still pack your suit and clothes for a day or two in your carry on, this will make sure your bags will be with you)

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