We just returned from CSA and I thought I'd comment on some of the things we notice mentioned on here frequently. Before this, our last trip to CSA was July 2009, so some of this may be old news .

Shade: It seemed like there were more options for shade than we remember in the past. We enjoyed the sun shade.

Atrium Suite Mini Bar: We had an atrium suite and the mini bar was working and stocked with water, beer, juice and soda. There was a menu to order additional options (I think more alcohol and juice options).

Shampoo/Soap bottles: Our room had switched over to the dispensers on the wall. I was a little worried about cleanliness when I read about this. However, they looked very clean (may be because they are new?) and were full when we arrived. There was one for shampoo/conditioner and one for soap in the shower. There was one with lotion next to the sink. We still had individually wrapped soap bars for the sink and shower and a travel size bottle of aloe.

Patois Patio: We received a letter at turndown on Friday that Patois will now require reservations and be closed on Fridays (in addition to being closed on Mondays for the Repeaters Dinner).

CSA versus CN: This was our third trip to CSA and while we couldn't imagine going anywhere else, we decided to try Trading Places for a day at CN. We planned to take a taxi back to CSA right after lunch. However, we really enjoyed CN and ended up staying until it started raining around 3. Of the two, CSA is still our favorite, but we are thinking about adding a couple days at CN to our next stay at CSA.

The staff at CN were incredibly friendly and welcoming. They showed us some of the rooms and they were very nice. They felt a little more like a hotel since there were more of them in each building and are more closed off (fewer shutters). They had a very different "feel", but not in a bad way, and I feel that they look nicer in person than in the online photos.

The pool is huge and gorgeous and seems to be a meeting place. People seemed to know each other better here since everything is centered around the pool/in the middle of the resort. We like the beach better at CSA. It is much smaller at CN, and, while it was not crowded with people, the chairs seemed to be on top of each other, making it feel crowded. The water was just as wonderful as at CSA, but possibly a little quieter.

While we love everything at CSA, it was nice to have different food/gift shop options (which were just as good as the options at CSA).

I hope this helps!