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Thread: **August 2009**

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    Default August 2009

    We just pulled the trigger on a quick visit. August 10-15. Need a 7 mile beach and Ulti fix. Tom and Jill - see you at the piano bar.
    (31st trip to Swept Away)

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    Jason & Megan, Aug 6-12..... YEAH!!!!
    Jason & Megan

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    Mandy and Brian Aug 18th-25th CSA. 7 years since I've been to Jamaica but first time at Couples. Can't wait!!!!!!! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Default We're counting the days!

    Anxious to meet you all. We're going to have a wonderful time!!!
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    My Girlfriend and I are Going to CSA the 18th to the 25th....One Week countdown BEGINS!!!

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    I want to hear stories!! Who has been there in Aug and come back already?? share the love, people.. we're excited!!

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    17 more days for me. But I'm also interested in hearing from other August 2009-ers!

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    4 days to the wedding, 6 until CSA

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    Congrats A_and_K!! We're a bit further out - SO excited! Enjoy your wedding day and the honeymoon!!

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    Congrats A_and_K....4 days until our wedding...5 until CSA...guess we'll be seeing you there at time same time!!!! Enjoy your big day!

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    **One Last Update**

    Please keep us updated on how everything is going or how it went! Congrats on all of the weddings and anniversaries! Say HI if you see my *future* husband and I there!!

    IceMonkey77: July 30- Aug 6 (3rd trip to couples)
    Kevnangela: July 31 - Aug 4 (2nd trip to couples)
    Jtennispro: Aug 1 (9th trip to couples)
    Mj09: Aug 1-8 (married on the 3rd!)
    Mrsg: Aug: 3-7 (honeymoon)
    SJMyers: Aug 3- 9
    Sandron: Aug 3-10 (40th birthday celebration)
    Kim<3Todd8809: Aug 5-12 (married on the 8th!)
    Mandith: Aug 6-12 (1st trip to couples)
    pwrfwd68: Aug 8-10
    Nicky&Kay: Aug 8-22 (1st trip to couples)
    Bhand2020: Aug 9-15 (honeymoon)
    Jwplane: Aug 9-16 (15 year anniversary)
    Bradleygttx: Aug 9-16 (3rd anniversary)
    Miwing: Aug 10-15 (1st trip to couples)
    Csa-vet: Autg 10-15 (31st trip to couples)
    Caseyw82: Aug 10-17 (honeymoon)
    Dr_Bird: Aug 11-23
    Jb2nd: Aug 13-19 (5th anniversary)
    Questorfla: Aug 15-Sept 2 (IF someone convinces them this place is amazing)
    Docrjb: Aug 16-22
    A_and_K: Aug 17-24 (honeymoon)
    Lianavincenza: Aug 17-24 (honeymoon)
    Darenandkeri: Aug 18-24 (married on the 20th!)
    Tiff1621: Aug 18-25 (honeymoon)
    JLPH214: Aug 18-25
    Baybreeze: Aug 18-30 (5th visit to Jamaica)
    Bellyblue22: Aug 18 – 23 (39th birthday celebration)
    Pac1028: Aug 19-25 (married on the 21st!)
    Mjandgordy: Aug 19-26 (married on the 21st!)
    Beachseeker: Aug 19-26
    Carol8686b: Aug 21-24
    Wileeandrr: Aug 21-26 (1st trip to couples)
    Jasoncassy: Aug 21-28 (3rd trip to couples)
    Rella869: Aug 21-30 (2nd trip to couples)
    d.shelden: Aug 22-26 (1st trip, wedding/honeymoon)
    tonyandmarcie: Aug 22-30 (1st trip to couples)
    Tonyandmarcie: Aug 22-30
    Matt&Tess: Aug 23-30 (honeymoon)
    Bamagirl: Aug 23-30 (2nd trip to couples)
    Lsdonaghue: Aug 24-31 (honeymoon)
    Tarab82: Aug 25-30
    Lovinlagers: Aug 25 - Sept 2 (honeymoon)
    Asmos101: Aug 25 - Sept 5 (5th trip to couples)
    Lolita18: Aug 26 – Sept 2
    MarkAndDebbie: Aug 27 – Sept 3 (25th Anniversary)
    Ked23us: Aug 28- Sept 5 (married on the 1st!)
    Marcus&mel: Aug 29-Sept 2 (1st anniversary)
    Markandjannett: Aug 29 – Sept 3 (3rd trip & 22nd Anniversary)
    Bakjak: Aug 29 – Sept 5
    georgiahawkeye: Aug 30 - Sept 6

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    We will be there Aug.25 Thru Sept 2. It's our second time at CSA. It's been 2yrs and we are really getting excited. See ya there.

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    Default First time to Jamaica and CSA

    My boyfriend and I will be at CSA from Aug 18 to 23rd celebrating his birthday. (rare, i know...not an anniversary, not a honeymoon, not getting

    1st time to jamaica!

    Betty & Chris
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    Default Greetings from South Fla.

    Our first trip to Jamaica. Looking forward to relaxing and meeting new friends. Nina (aspiring poker dealer) and Dan (energy industry) will be in CSA Aug 17-22.

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    Default 2 more days til we leave!!

    Any last minute tips?

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    2 more days til our honeymoon! I am really excited! Will be there 18-25!!!

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    1 day 20 hours 30 minutes!

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    Hey Everyone - Just found this post since the message boards changed over. Anyway - Jillian and Greg from Las Vegas looking forward to our first Couples Vacation - we will be there Aug 22-29! Look forward to meeting you all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellyblue22 View Post
    My boyfriend and I will be at CSA from Aug 18 to 23rd celebrating his birthday. (rare, i know...not an anniversary, not a honeymoon, not getting

    1st time to jamaica!

    Betty & Chris
    Great job with Happy Birthday at the Piano Bar Hope u guys had fun, we cant wait to go back.

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    We had the pleasure of meeting Asmos101 & his wife Diane at the Palms during breakfast, unfortunately our last day at CSA. Very cool to get to meet & talk w/ them!

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    I miss CSA.. can it be August again?

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    Only 10 more months! lol

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