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    Default Jan. 11-15

    Anyone in their forties going to be at SSB?

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    We'll be a month after you.

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    Hi! My husband, Allan and I (Angie) plan to be at CSS from January 8 to January 16. I am 47 and Allan is 57, We plan on spending a lot of time at SSB! See you there!

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    Will be our second time to Jamaica, and first to CCS and SSB. Looking forward to the trip and SSB!!!!!!!!

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    Default CSS-SSB Jan 14-21 2011

    We will be making our second trip to CSS and SSB Jan 14-21 2011. Hubby will be 42 and Wifey 41. Have already been watching the countdown clock for 4 months on the computer, but it is getting closer and closer!

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    We'll be there 10 Jan thru 15 Jan. Wife is 52, I'm a young 60. We are spending the first two nights (8th and 9th)at CN, just because we've never been there. Our home is still CSS, 4th time in last 12 months. I'll be the guy with the hat and sun glasses.

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    We will be there 8-15, she is 39 I am 42. We plan on spending some time on SSB.
    Paul and Steph

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    Do what you want, It is all OK. I can honestly say I didnt count or even remember how many baldies or bushes from my last visit. After reading this, I ma pay attention in November when we are there, but I doubt it!!

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    two weeks - yahooooooo

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    We will be at Tower Isle Jan. 15 - 20. In our late 30's. Anyone else going to be at Island in late 30's?

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    Hope you all had fun without us this week. Got snowed in and couldn’t make the trip, very disappointed. Hopefully we get a full refund and can make the trip in the near future. If not, will not be able to cross the nakie beach off of our bucket list.

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