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    Default CSS Jan 8-15 New Adventure

    We are going to be hitting the beaches of CSS for our first ever trip to an all inclusive. We are looking forward to the fun and relaxation. Hopefully we will meet some nice people and take advantage of all that CSS has to offer. In readin the other threads it seems as if there is a wide variety of adventures to be found from just quiet time to the Gala to evening parties at the special beach... ha ha.

    Well if you are going in that second week of January 2011... you may see us wandering around. Say Hi.
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    Paul and Steph

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    Saw this in another thread looked like a good idea.

    Names: Stephanie and Paul
    Ages: 39 & 42

    How many times to CSS: 1st visit

    Trip dates: January 8 -15, 2011

    Room type: Ocean Deluxe Ocean Verandah

    Reason for trip: To get married

    Where you from: Lansing, MI

    What you're looking forward to most: Pure relaxation and excitement at the same time. Have to believe the atmosphere and views will be amazing

    Will you go A/N during trip: That is in the plans right now!

    Drink you're looking forward to: Ummm, I will let you know after we have tried them all.

    Kids: Yes, 5 between the two of us

    Pets: she has fish

    Level of excitement:
    It is building with each passing day, not sure how long we can hold it... oh yeah about 86 days or so
    Paul and Steph

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    Here we go, looking at about 45 days... excitement is growing
    Paul and Steph

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    9 Days to go. Are you going... if you see us the password is

    SLS... wink wink
    Paul and Steph

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    CSS Awaits. We get there the same day as you. What time do you get in? Maybe we will be on the same bus. We get there I think 10 or 11am.

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    We are not coming in until 1pm I think it is, give or take a 1/2 hour.

    Expecting to be at the resort around 3 or 3:30 NOT SOON ENOUGH
    Paul and Steph

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