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    Hi... I will be arriving at Tower Island August 25th but I can't eat gluten/ wheat Anyone else traveled with the same predicament? Is there enough to eat? Will I be able to taste a famous Jamaican rum cake!? Thanks!

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    Don't think you will be able to taste the rum cake, pretty sure it is not gluten free.

    But you will have plenty to eat. I would also contact the resort and let them know that you require a gluten free diet.

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    Plenty to eat nut no rum cake I am afraid.

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    I am in the same predicament. Great question! I will be at CTI in December and am very interested in knowledge of this. Thanks everyone!!!!

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    My husband and I traveled to CTI in April. He is gluten free. There is plenty to eat. We sent an e-mail to the resort prior to our arrival letting them know. They wrote us back and said we should ask to speak with the head chef. We printed the e-mail that said for us to talk with the head chef and brought it with us to show the front desk when we checked in. The chef gave us some tips and checked in with us every so often during our stay to make sure everything was OK. Whenever we had a question about something, we asked. We were sometimes surprised at the things we thought he couldn't have, but were safe for him. And we always told the servers at the non-buffet restaurants that he was gluten free. If you are a repeater and attend that dinner, they will make sure your meal is gluten free.

    We've also been to CSA and had no problems there.

    Overall, my husband just used common sense and avoided things he would normally need to avoid. Unfortunately, that meant probably 99% of the desserts (and that would mean the rum cake, too).

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    My SIL is celiac as well. They were at CSA when we were there for our wedding. Very similar to the above poster, I contacted the resort ahead of time and they were VERY accommodating, telling us to have her contact the head chef.
    Unfortunately she could not try our delicious rum wedding cake, but they brought her a big platter of fruit. Likewise, she did have to miss out on most desserts, but they managed to find some chocolate for her.
    She never had any problems finding food she could eat. Sometimes it just meant holding the sauce or gravy (which usually has gluten to thciken) She found all the staff to be most understanding and helpful.
    Yet another way in which Couples rises above the rest.

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