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    Default Need Packing Advice

    So I'm sitting here looking at my suitcase and it's starting to look mighty full. The problem is, my husband hasn't put his clothes in there yet, nor have toiletries been packed. I'm pretty sure I'm over-packing, because I always do, but I have no idea what to cut out. My husband and I will be at CSA for 8 days (3rd-10th)and here's what I have so far:

    4 swimsuits
    cover up
    dress (Feather's and private beach dinner)
    skirt for other dinners
    2 t-shirts
    2 work-out shorts
    2 pair shorts (casual)
    3 summery tops
    2 tanks
    2 pair pj pants
    dress sandals
    regular beach flip flops

    Any suggestions?

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    Get a bigger suitcase!
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    I would ditch the pjs....and can't your husband just wear all his clothes in layers????

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    I would take out your sneakers, and wear those on the airplane, since they take up a lot of room.

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    Default packing advice

    Well, I'm not speaking from experience, just my own feelings. My hubby and I will be at CN (newbies) for 8 days and the only thing that sticks out to me as not sure you need is PJ Pants (do you really need them?) Personally, I would think if you want some sneakers for working out, etc., wear them on the plane so they don't take up space and weight in your suitcase! I'll be curious as to what others recommend, since I am tentatively putting my clothes out (even though we don't leave until the 10th!)

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    Sounds good to me! I always way over pack, but we take our own scuba gear too. I usually take two suitcases, one for scuba and one for my clothes. Two years ago, I watched Ken pack a weeks worth of clothes in a carry on (the small suitcase). I decided to try it myself and I did it! I didn't even wear everything I took. Why don't you each take pack a carry on suitcase? You are allowed another personal item, so you could use that room too.

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    You need a bigger suitcase & let hubby have the one you've got packed. Doesn't sound like over packing. I'm not even gonna begin to list what I'm packing for 8 days.

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    Bring another suit case. Usually you each get one or two free when flying international.

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    Firstly, I suggest 2 suitcases

    Ask yourself.... what do I like to wear in HOT, HUMID weather and at a beach? Take a bit more of that type of clothing. Me? I spend 90% of my time in a bathing suit, with shorts or a coverup and may only get dressed in the evening for supper, if required.

    A "little" overpacking is necessary! It gets rid of that "what am I missing feeling" lol

    In short - I dont think you need to cut out anything What you have listed, plus undies, toiletries, etc. sounds about right and well within the weight limit. If you need more, you can get yourself something new

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    Thats not too bad, you need a bigger case...

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    I think you're doing great.

    I bring 7 swimsuits, 7 dresses, 5 or 6 workout shorts, 8 sports bras, socks, running shoes, etc etc etc.

    Actually, I think you may be UNDER packing. (spoken by a chronic overpacker. )

    Can't you give DH his own suitcase?
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    You did a better job than I usually do. I suggest either another suitcase or a bigger suitcase. .


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    Our suggestion is, since on most international flights the first bag is free, have your husband bring his own bag. In my wife's humble opinion, you are not overpacking and you can use any extra space to pack souvenirs on your way home.

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    Hi KCJen,

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that seems to overpack!
    If you're staying 8 days, you might need to loose 2 of your swimsuits. You can always wear 1 of them the one day, the other the next while the first one is rinsed and left to dry. One cover up is plenty. You can also loose one of your pj's - it will be so hot you will probably not even want to wear them!
    If all else fails, you can always take a larger suitcase!
    Enjoy paradise!

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    Take a 2nd problem. We probably could fit everything into one but we take 2 just to have the extra space!

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    A second suitcase!

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    That seems pretty reasonable for 8 days. I think I'd trade one of the bathing suits for another top or coverup. You could wear the sneakers on the plane - they are heavy and take up so much room in the suitcase.

    See you there! We'll be there Sept 5 thru 11. We're bringing two suitcases. :-)

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    Weíve been to Jamaica 17 times (always to a Couples resort) and have NEVER checked luggage. Trip number 18 will be to CN beginning Friday, September 17, 2010. We prefer to stay at the resort and spend most of our time on the beach, so we spend most of our time in our swimsuits. Roll your clothes when you pack; you can fit more into your luggage. We each take a carry-on bag, and I carry a tote bag as well that I use instead of a purse. Once at the resort, Iíll use the tote bag to carry our stuff (books, iPods, sunblock) to the beach.

    Iím not certain how the weather will be in mid-September, so weíll probably wear our convertible pants (converts from long pants into shorts) from LLBean with a lightweight top and running shoes. Before the plane lands, we remove the lower leg portion from the pants and weíre in shorts. Wearing your running shoes is important; they take up a lot of room if you pack them, and weíve had to run through airports before.

    Hereís what we pack for a week:

    For me:
    2 pairs of shorts
    2 tops that can be worn with either shorts
    3 sundresses
    4 swimsuits
    1 sarong
    1 dress-style cover-up
    Running shorts
    Sports bra
    Yoga pants & top
    Underwear (note: my dresses and tops are all bra-tops from Victoriaís Secret,
    so I do not have to take bras)
    1 pair of sandals with heels
    1 pair of flat sandals
    One pair pajamas
    Makeup (blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick Ė I skip eyeliner b/c it runs
    and skip foundation b/c itís too heavy in the heat)
    Vacation jewelry

    For Kev:
    2 pairs of shorts
    1 pair long pants
    2 polo shirts
    2 Hawaiian-style shirts
    4 swimsuits
    1 pair running shorts
    2 t-shirts
    Socks & underwear
    1 pair of sandals
    1 pair of shoes appropriate for Otaheite

    Other Stuff:
    Pens (for Immigration and Customs forms)
    Books Ė I have a Kindle, so I just dowload books to thatóit saves room
    Ipods & earphones
    Cell phones
    Phone and iPod chargers
    Hairbrush & comb
    Travel size water pick
    Travel size sound machine
    Electric shaver
    2 1-gallon Ziplock bags (for wet swimsuits when you pack up to return home) (they
    also have 2-gallon bags if you prefer)

    2 1-quart baggies of liquids:
    1. Sunblock (six tubes of 3-ounce sunblock fit in one one-quart baggie)
    2. Makeup remover, moisturizer, top coat nail polish, toothpaste, perfume.

    We buy things like shampoo & conditioner, after-sun lotion, additional sunblock, and any other things we might need from the sundries store. Itís more expensive to buy it at the resort than at home (although with some airlines now charging for checked bags, maybe not), but itís worth it to us.

    We pack very little but have never needed more than this. We spend most of our time in our swimsuits, so we only wear an outfit for an hour or two at a time and donít mind wearing shorts, tops, sundresses, etc., more than once.

    Most people tend to overpack and donít wear half of what they bring. One woman on the MB packed an entire suitcase just with shoes. I bring flat sandals that will go with the daytime outfits Iíve packed and sandals for the evening that I can wear with all three sundresses. Sometimes itís difficult to select exactly what to bring b/c Iím always buying things thinking, ďOh, this would be so great to wear in Jamaica,Ē but youíll be glad if youíre able to pack only what you need.
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    Default KC Jen

    I don't think you're overpacking at all so that means....that I REALLY overpack! My solution: you each need your own suitcase. That will also allow for extra space for anything you purchase while on vacation, i.e. Rum Cream, Appleton Rum or anything else non-alcoholic!
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    Thanks everyone for all of your advice! I don't feel so bad anymore!

    I could almost fit into the suitcase I have sitting on the bedroom floor. We're also taking a garment bag for some of my hanging stuff and most of my hubby's clothes. Strictly bringing carry-on's is out of the question. I can't even pack that light for a weekend trip . Although we will both have a carry on as well. Plus we have snorkeling gear to take.

    Last night I pulled everything out of the suitcase and refolded/repacked and I think we're going to be alright. I even added a few more things because I had completely forgotten about the nightclub and had to pack some tops for that. I may end up transfering some of the stuff to the garment bag just to even out the weight.

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    I know I brought more "clean" stuff home than I did "dirty" stuff last time. I would say take two suitcases if you need room. It's only a few dollars more compaired to the trip. Your not doing this everyweek so I don;t think you should worry about the cost. I see too many people complaining of spending $50.00 to $100.00 on something while their on the vacation. That nothing compaired to the price of the trip. We were charged for out checked luggage on the trip to JA but not back to the US. HAve fun.

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    Default Its not too much

    Quote Originally Posted by warmweatherfriend View Post
    I don't think you're overpacking at all so that means....that I REALLY overpack! My solution: you each need your own suitcase. That will also allow for extra space for anything you purchase while on vacation, i.e. Rum Cream, Appleton Rum or anything else non-alcoholic!
    One tip I have over years of travel is to have 2 suitcases. We split our clothes so half of my clothes and half of my hubby's clothes are in each suitcase. If one gets "lost" you still both have clothes.

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