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Thread: Delta Airlines

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    Default Delta Airlines

    Hi there,

    Has anyone ever had problems with lost baggage when flying Delta.

    We're flying from Dulles Int'l connect in Atlanta to MBJ.

    Just wondering.


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    Nope. No use worrying about something like that.

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    Oh, do I have a story about lost luggage w/ Delta.

    We flew to Ireland at the end of May, they lost our luggage and it took them (3) days to get it to us. Read the fine print about luggage, they are not responsible unless it has been missing for 48 hours. They did give us a throw-away tooth brush, a t-shirt, and throw-away deodorant. We had to buy make-up, pants, etc...

    One couple with us did not get their bags at all.

    When we finally did get our bags everything was wet, they had left the bags out in rain.

    We were not real happy with them.

    When we go to Jamaica I always put shorts and t-shirt in my backpack. NEVER put anything valuable in your luggage. We learned the hard way when someone robbed our luggage in Puerto Rico

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    Not to make you nervous.

    But you do know that Delta stands for:

    Don't Expect Lugagge To Arrive


    Deliver Everyone's Lugagge To Atlanta.

    Just kidding!!

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    We're flying Delta, from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, then Atlanta to MB. We leave this Thurs, when do you leave?

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    We recently flew Delta to Jamaica connecting through ATL and had no problems whatsoever. I flew Delta to Ireland connecting in JFK last year and had no problems either.

    Hope you had fun in Ireland despite the trouble with your bags, drbcwp. Where did you visit "sans luggage", if I might ask ?

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    I agree wholeheartedly with drbcwp. Pack a carryon with your "essentials," meaning swimsuits, change of clothes, medicine, toothbrush, maybe a small tube of toothpaste, makeup?, etc. Now that we can't easily put toiletries in a carryon, it makes it tough to pack everything essential in a carryon. I like to bring my own shampoo, etc. However, I am sure you can get shampoo, razor, etc., at the resort. SO, put what you need to get by for a day or so, just in case, in a carryon. I do that no matter what airline I travel on, even Deliver Everything To Atlanta .

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    We just flew Delta and have nothing but good to say about the trip. No lost luggage PLUS we were scheduled to arrive at 11:34 into MBJ. When I looked at the clock as we stood at the immigrations desk, it was 11:27. When everyone was on board, we departed ATL. So we left early and arrived early. Have we had lost luggage, yes, hubby did while coming back from Paris, but it was returned the next day. It got on the wrong plane.

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    We had a 49 min layover in Atlanta on July 3 and no lost baggage. Delta has improved a lot over the past 2 years. They log every bag and are doing a good job. Pre Check in over the internet on the way down, saves a lot of time. No need to on the way back.

    Two years ago I would not say this. They had issues them.

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    Actually, Delta stands for: Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport

    Seriously though, lost ... errrrr delayed... luggage is a problem that seems to be getting worse but I don't think there's much difference among airlines.

    For example, I've flown something like 200,000 miles and only had lost ... errrr delayed ... luggage once. By all standards I've been very lucky. My daughter, on the other hand, has only flown about 10 times and had her luggage lost ... err delayed ... 3 times in a row. All different airlines. Everyone's got a horror story about one airline but they're all pretty much the same in my mind.

    So, bottom line, I don't think you should worry about which airline or which airport.

    A few tips:
    - Fly early in the day. Delays and problems get worse as the day goes on.
    - Take direct flights if possible. (Not possible for most of us)
    - Choose a flight schedule with plenty of time for connections. (I can run to the next gate in 10 checked luggage can't.) For me, an extra hour sitting in the airport is much better than two days without my luggage.
    - Always pack a carry-on with two day's of essentials. Then you can enjoy yourself even if your checked bags are lost ... errr delayed.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip.

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    I have had a lot of problems with Delta in the past. On the way from the Dominican Republic they put the wrong tag on my bag and it ended up in JFK instead of Buffalo. Took them a week to find it and I never received any compensation for it. However, I do plan on flying with them to Jamaica. Can't help it if they have the best price. But I will be packing some spare clothes in my carryon. The reason my bag was lost for a week was because the ID tag I attached to it, came off in transit. I now type up a page with all my info and put it inside the bag. I have flown with them since that incident and haven't had problems.
    Good luck!

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    Yes, but Couples rocked it when came to helping us out. They provided us with just about every toiletry you could need, plus t-shirts and were in contact with the airport constantly until we got our luggage. But the previous poster is correct, Delta does absolutely nothing for you unless it is missing for over 48 hours. We had to purchase bathing suits, sunscreen, cigarettes, a cover-up, flip was a nightmare.

    We NOW carry a carry-on with our suits, one change of clothing, sunscreen, and my make-up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danielle23 View Post
    We're flying Delta, from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, then Atlanta to MB. We leave this Thurs, when do you leave?
    We're leaving next Thurs. I CANNOT WAIT!! I am so excited. This is our first trip to a Couples resort and all of the positive reviews are making me even more excited.

    I am going to take everyone's advice and pack the essentials in a carry-on. Thanks!

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    Dublin, yes we liked Dublin, later went to Later went to London, we REALLY liked London.

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    Just one more reason to take out travel insurance! If your luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours (with most companies) they will reimburse you up to a specified amount for the expense of having to purchase items like clothing, toiletries, etc.

    BTW, I've flown Delta several times and never had any problems.
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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    No worries Mon. All you need at Couples is your bathing suit, shorts top and shaver. We always pack those in the carry on so we can run to the beach as soon as we check in.

    For the guy, just wear clothes good enough for dress up dinner on the plane. For the gals, just throw in tropical dress or buy one in Jamaica

    Everything else can be gotten at the resort. You are worrying too much. Have traveled Delta and they were fine through Atlanta. On the way home, who cares when the beach clothes arrive. If they did blow it, I would miss my dive suit, but Couples will again come to the rescue. Now you know why we keep going back.

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    We only take carry on when we fly. It's so much easier and their is plenty of room in the bag! (Plus w/ the personal bag...we've got it made!) We are flying Delta in March to Atlanta then MBJ. On the way home we stop in Memphis then to ORD.

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    in November 2007 we had a (7) days CSS trip w/ Delta. They decided they were not flying to Mobay on Tuesdays in November. They changed our flight to Wednesday, did not email or call us. The only reason that I was aware of the change is by me checking my reservation.

    When I called, they would not put me on another airline, I either had to miss a day at CSS or go a day early and pay the rack rate. I asked to speak w/ a supervisor but they would not change us to another airline.

    We ended up canceling w/ Delta and rebooking w/ USAir.

    We tried to avoid Atlanta and use Cincinnati but now they are not using Cincinnati as a hub. I am not sure that I have ever flown through Atlanta and been on time.

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    Dosen't matter what airline you are on luggage being lost or damaged is a total crap shoot with any airline. Just make sure to have a bathing suite and at least one set of dinner and daytime clothes in your carry on. I could NEVER fit everything I need for a one week or longer trip in just a carry on.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    you could book au naturel and just bring a toothbrush and a towel

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    We just returned from CSS first week of July. Flew Delta, they lost my luggage on the return flight from Atlanta to Gulfport. Got my bag the next day. Two years ago same thing happened. Lady bringing my luggage to my house said the same thing as above post said. Delta stands for don't expect luggage to arrive. Not kidding. I will do my best never to fly Delta again. Suggestion bring some of your clothes and important stuff in your carry on bag.

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    Delta doesn't hold a monopoly on lost luggage. Its happened to me on a few airlines. Its an industry issue, and with the security restrictions and emphases that have been imposed with the express purpose of ensuring that nobody gets on a plane without their luggage, this problem is a travesty... should NEVER happen.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default Lost Luggage

    We just got back from CN 3 weeks ago. We also flew Delta from Pittsburgh to Atlanta to MoBay. On our way back to Pittsburgh one piece of our luggage did not make it. It was on 3 flights later than our, we arrived at 1030 pm in Pittsburgh and our luggage got there at about 1230am. We waited for it bc we had to drive all the way back to Annapolis MD that same night.

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    We just got back from CN last night. Flying on Delta was great! Flights were on time outbound and inbound and we didn't have any issues with the checked luggage. A very positive experience.

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    If the bag is not on your plane, Delta will deliver it to you the next day at no charge.
    Irie Mon

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