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    Default Another CN SCUBA Question

    We were planning to bring our own mask/fins/booties/snorkels when we go to CN next month, but now I'm leery of having them possibly stolen during airport transfers. Is this equipment available through the dive shop in pretty decent condition or should I bring our own and run the risk?

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    We bring all our gear, but we put TSA locks on our checked bags (for the fins, BCDs, etc). We bring our masks, regs and computers and all other electronics in the carryons.

    If you choose not to bring your stuff, CN's dive shop has masks and full foot fins to use. No booties. Fins & masks in good shape. We just prefer to use our own gear.

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    I always bring my own stuff. Have taken to all Couples resorts. TSA locks are a good idea have never had any problems(knock on wood) I carry my Computer and Reg with me on the plane

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    Does anyone know of the brand of gear used at couples? I have scubapro reg and was wondering if my low pressure hose will connect? Thank you

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    Thanks, guys! Now not being a frequent flyer, what are TSA locks??

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    TSA locks are padlocks that you can buy that TSA will have a master key to open but not the baggage handlers.

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    Scubagoob -- the BCDs and Regs are all Sherwood. Your LP should connect fine.

    Happy Diving!

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    Default tsa locks

    When I travel with scuba gear I take my regulator and gauges in my carry on--and have not had a problem with TSA or air line baggage loss. I prefer my own equipment

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