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Thread: Cash or credit?

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    Default Cash or credit?

    Just wondering how much cash to bring? Is credit/debit widely accepted or do you need cash at most places?

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    You won't need any cash at the resort but if you plan on buying souveniers to take home from vendors you need cash.

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    bring both. Couples will put a $350 hold on card for anything you buy at resort. And you need cash( small bills) for everything else. DH and I came with about $300. But I think how much you need will depend on how much outside the resort you want to do or buy. Have a wonderful time.

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    It all depends on what you want to do while you are there. If you only plan on buying stuff at the airport when you leave you can use your credit card. I think I took around $300.00 down in cash and brough almost all of it back. You need one and fives if you tip the transfer driver and baggage people at the airport. I think the norm is $200-$250 a person.

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    One thing to remember about credit cards, most charge a foreign transaction fee. Mine told me it would be 3%. Not much but you might want to check with yours to see how much it is. Of course not having to worry about losing cash might be worth 3%.

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    I would never use a debit card in another country.

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    I was wondering this myself...this will be my first AI trip...we plan on going zip-lining(havent booked yet tho),and getting a massage...other than that it would just be for suveniers etc. can you pay with a credit card for zipling? If anyone has any tips/info...


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    We normally take $400 cash & come home with most of it. Anything you do at the resort - massages, pictures you purchase, night snorkel, gift shop purchases, etc. can all be charged to your room & paid with credit or debit card when you check out. Credit cards are accepted at the airport, for tours, etc. But if you're dealing with the vendors, you need cash in small bills because change is about impossible to get ..... even at the airport shops ...... they give you Jamaican currency for change. We take lots of $1's & $5's & nothing larger than a $20 ...... We learned the hard way on our first trip to Jamaica. You'll also need cash for tipping baggage handlers at the airport, your shuttle or taxi drivers, tour guides, etc.

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    we brought cash & card, but the giftshops charge everything to your room & you settle the bill at the end, but we used cash for other things like tipping at the airport & shuttle rides, and vendors...I wouldnt reccoment bringing a alot of cash, not that necessary

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    We got an e-mail from the fraud unit at our bank today stating that someone had used my husband's credit card to purchase gasoline in Mandeville, Jamaica this week. My husband & I were in Jamaica from 8/7 to 8/14 and the card was used only twice, both at San Souci to pay our final bill and at the Jewelry story in the Duty Free shop at the resort.

    We told our bank the dates we would be out of the country, the cities and country we would be visiting. Believe it or not, the bank's computer caught the gasoline charges and notified us right away. So make sure you let your bank or credit card company know your travel itinerary if you're using a credit card.
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