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    Default Do The Motion/Sea Sick Patches For Behind Your Ears Work????

    Anybody who normally gets REALLY motion sick on boats ever used the behind ear patches??? How did they work??? A few years ago I started getting terribly motion sick on boats & small planes & helicopters ..... none of the drugs I've ever tried has helped at all. I even get queasy on my floatie anymore if there are any minor waves at all ....... It's that bad. The last time we did the cat cruise at CN I spent the entire time with my head down & a bag of ice (thanks to the bartender) on the back of my neck trying not to puke. Haven't tried it since. Hate to miss the fun again when we're there in 2 weeks so I called my doctor today about the behind ear patches & was hoping everyone would tell me that they worked great.

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    I don't know about the behind the ear patches, but I know when I've got terrible motion sickness last year a Dutch lady on our tour suggested chewing on a lemon wedge. We only had limes but it still worked like a charm. Calmed the nausea within minutes. Good luck to you!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Don't know about the medication. My hubby and I tried the wrist bands when we went on a cruise. They even worked on our last one when the weather got bad, and you could hardly walk on the boat. That time they wouldn't even let you do anything on the deck it was so windy. Maybe medication and the wrist bands would work for you.

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    I personally have not tried them, however my sister did when she went on a cruise this past Feb. She get some motion sickness in the back seat of cars so didn't want to worry about anything on the cruise. They worked great on the cruise, HOWEVER about 3 days after she was home and the patch was off, she got terribly sick. So much so that she had to get hooked up to an IV it was so bad. They said it was from the patch,even though she had weaned herself off of it. She says never again so I don't know the answer? Good luck!

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    I used them on a cruise several years ago and it worked great for me. I get motion sickness on the cat cruise, planes, back seats of cars...but not on the floatie!! anyway, they didn't make me tired and i didn't get sick from them. I had forgotten about them but may try again this year. I have been using bonine which works good for me on the plane. We haven't been on another cat cruise-we'd rather lay on the beach. Good luck.

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    Personally, Bonine works for me. I take it when I fly, on any kind of boat and on longer road trips. I take one the night before and one the next morning and when on cruises each day after that. For the cat cruise, I take one that morning and one about an hour before we get on. It doesn't make me drowsy and works like a charm!

    I never had this issue until the last few years and was miserable until I found something that worked for me.

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    I have used the scopalamine patches and they worked great. Be careful to wash your hands really well after using them, as they cause your eyes to dialate.

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    Well, doctor called in a prescription this morning for the patches & I just picked them up. There's 4 to a box & you use one at a time good for 72 hours each ..... I only want to use it for the cat cruise ... Says to put on at least 4 hours beforehand ....... Guess I need to find out what happens if I put one on the day we'll be doing the cat cruise & take it off right after ........ No need to be wearing one the entire week I wouldn't think since that's the only thing I'm worried about.

    Cmweinman - that's a pretty scary story .... now I'm not sure ....... ........ I talked to the pharmacist & he didn't mention any problems just said they work great ........ ....... I have a friend who's a retired pharmacist that I'll be seeing next week before we go so will also ask him ...... I know his wife gets sea sick so maybe he'll have more info. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I'll let you know how they work if I decide to go ahead & use them.

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    My husband tried them for snorkling and catamaran, etc. They worked really well. No sickness afterwards (as was previously mentioned). His only complaint was a dry mouth, but it's a lot better than being seasick!

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    Can anyone tell me WHERE you can buy these "wristbands"? Have heard good things about them, but have NO idea where to shop for them
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    I get motion sick too and used the patch when I took a cruise. A lot of people got sick off and on. I did not get sick at all. I did wear both the patch behind the ear and the sea bands for awhile but not all the time. This spring we went to CTI and did the glass bottom boat ride on a day that I thought was calm. I did not take any medicine and did not have the patch. I did not think that I would need it. I did get sick on that ride and barely made at back. Just make sure you look up and not down. I missed a lot of the stuff on the glass bottom boat because I could not look down. I also did not get any effects after I took the patch off the time I used it on the cruise.

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    They worked great for me (after I got so sick on a cruise I was ready to call in a helicopter! lol) ... the cabin steward recommended apples/applesauce & crackers also which seemed to help. I couldn't walk straight after the patch came off, but other than that I had no problems... HOWEVER... you *can* have withdrawals from it about 2 or 3 days after you take it off. Generally speaking, that's pretty uncommon, but does happen on occasion - and you will be SIII-ICK. You won't know until try it though

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    Default Patches worked for me

    I get motion sick in cars, boats, planes, etc. and I used the patches on a cruise to the Bahamas. I put one on the day before we left (per doctor's advice) and then used as prescribed and never had one single moment of illness. We have a trip booked to Couples San Souci in the Spring and both my husband and I will be wearing the patches for the plane ride and the shuttle!

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    I have not used them since I am not prone to motion sickness, but the fisherman that I know who use them say that they work like a charm. I keep a few in my bag when I go ocean fishing for several days just as insurance. You do need to put them on before you actually go on the boat. I am not sure how long before, maybe 12 hors or so.

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    Well .... I decided to just try wearing a patch today & take it off tonight to see how I react ....... would rather find out now than ruin 1 minute of CN time being sick. If this will work for me, I'll be thrilled .... tired of missing all the fun stuff I used to do. Never used to have a problem so don't know where this whole motion sickness thing came from ..... .

    I did find the answer to my question about whether I can just take the patch off after the cat cruise (or whatever) & not have to wear it longer then I actually need it & the directions said that you could remove once you weren't worried about motion sickness anymore so that's good to know.

    Lisapat - You can buy the bracelets at the drugstore ... I saw them at Wal-Greens along with the Dramamine & stuff like that.

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    LisaPat, We bought them at Walmart, but I think you should be able to get them at any pharmacy. For some reason we had to ask the phamacist, but they do not need a prescription.

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    Used the patches....sailboat race a lot and down in Key West in the winter....put on the night before and had blurry vision when I woke up. Went away. Worked great. Watch alcohol...will make it kick more. But you won't get seasick (:

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    I wore the patch all day & took it off a couple of hours ago ....... no problems so far with side effects so unless something changes, I think I'll give it a try while we're at CN. I'll apologize right now to anyone who's on the cat cruise at the same time we are if I get sick ..... I gotta try ..... tired of missing out ....... hope I don't reqret it .... being motion sick is just the most awful feeling & someone puking is not pleasant to be around for sure. Here's hoping this works!!!

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    There are grey wrist bands I think called "SeaBands" or Sea Bonds my husband uses them when he goes diving and he doesn't get sea sick. I got them at Wallgreens

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