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    Default Pack your bug spray

    Hello to all
    We just returned from 7 wonderful nights at CTI and CSS and want to warn everyone to pack your bug spray. The mosquitos were vicious. Luckily every restaurant in the evening had bottles of OFF for anyone to use. We were warned last year before traveling to couples negril that the bugs were bad there. We've been to css 4 times and this was our first experience with the little bastards there. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up.
    Happy traveling

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    Strange. We returned from CN recently and aside from a few ants on the balcony I never saw a mosquito.

    I knew my Appleton repellant would work. When taken internally it repeals all bugs.

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    You just never know where they will show up. CN in April - none and believe me they love me. Bring the bug spray always. You never know where and when they will show up.

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    Thanks for the warning. We leave May 18th for CSS and I was under the impression that bugs were bad only at night on the beach. Is it constant all day and night?

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    I'll be sure and use plenty of internal Appleton repellent!

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    I'll kind of echo the sentiments here regarding recent stays in both Negril and Ochi, but only to a point. Despite Negril's rep for being a bug haven, we never received so much as a bite. Now part of this may have been a result of precautions on our part. For instance at CN, we never walked on the beach at night, which is the time when sand fleas are out in numbers. We also kept our balcony doors shut at night as well, only opening them in the day time. An ounce of prevention, so to speak.

    Interestingly enough, the only incident either of us had was one mosquito bite I received at CTI. But there we kept the doors open at all hours, so to only have received one bite between two people, I'd say that's pretty good under the circumstances.

    However, when we visited CSA, we hooked up with our friends Tracy and Len, who had been there only two days when we arrived. Yet Tracy's legs had already been savaged with mosquito and sand flea bites. So in that case the Negril beaches remained true to their reputation.

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    We've found it's easier to bring pre-wetted bug wipes. Less chance of bug spray spilling on everything in your bag, plus they're easier to use. But we NEVER go without bug spray - I'd get eaten up.

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    Never had a bug dare bite me during daylight hours!

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    We just left CSA and had a lot of trouble with all sorts of bugs. I only saw a few mosquitoes but we were getting bitten by something like crazy. I wore bug spray with deet every day and we really didn't hang out on the beach other than to walk out to the boats. Every night I would shower right before bed to get the spray off of my skin and in the morning I was full of bites. I think the sand fleas must have been getting into our room. I had bites everywhere, even on my face! The worst part is that I am still getting them. We have been back for a week and I am still waking up with new bites. I washed everything when we got home but I guess we brought some sand fleas back with us. I can't seem to get rid of them. Ant advice on that would be greatly appreciated!

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    I agree, we leave CSA this morning and the bugs (not sure what kind) were a lot worse this time. just remember wipes or spray and you'll be fine!!!

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    Default CSS -April 24 to 30

    Yes. There were definitely some night mosquitos at CSS (April 24 to 30) but not bad enough to ruin any thing.

    KruznSusan and Stan

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    I'm somewhat surprised after all the fuss that's been made about smoking in the restaurants that nobody seems to mind clouds of aerosol DEET insect repellant being sprayed around the food ? I would think the most appropriate place to apply bug spray would be back in your room, and not at the buffet.
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    Default Bugs...

    We always bring Skin so Soft - seems to work very well - and does not smell bad....

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    I took spray down with us in September. I only used it from Sunset until about dark. Basically the only bugs were the ones that came out just as the sun was setting on the beach. I just did a spritz and was fine. I think once it got dark they were gone again. Some of my friends got bit and others did not. I guess it depends how you taste?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubismo View Post
    I'm somewhat surprised after all the fuss that's been made about smoking in the restaurants that nobody seems to mind clouds of aerosol DEET insect repellant being sprayed around the food ? I would think the most appropriate place to apply bug spray would be back in your room, and not at the buffet.
    People are spraying inside the restaurants?! That's just gross. Which resort? There wasn't really a mosquito problem when we were just at CSA but maybe we are talking about a different one. Maybe instead of the regular candle on the table they need to switch to citronella.

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    Citronella is a deterrent, not a solution, but it smells nice

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    Bugs are bad at CSS at night on the beach, not during the day. Also I've been to CTI 11 times and have never had a bug bite in fact on our last night we have our annual coffee & desert on the beach and never been bitten.

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    Our room at CSA this past June was mosquito central. They were just awful. My wife finally called the front desk after a few days and they came up and sprayed our room while we were out to dinner. It helped a lot, but we still had a couple buzzing around for the last couple of days. This was the first time in four trips that we have had a problem with mosquitos in our room. Mosquitos have not been an issue for us much at all till this year. All our trips have been in June, but it seems that this year was just a bad year for them. Hope next year is better.

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    OMG Melody - I think you should check, but I'm hoping you don't have bedbugs....this seems to be a real problem in NYC and elsewhere here in the US as well as at other tourist resorts even worldwide. The reason I'm so conscious of this is because we have to go to NYC for a business meeting in a month, and that seems to be all I see about hotels there. Now Jamaica isn't NYC, but from what I've been reading, this is a worldwide problem, especially for ppl traveling to tourist sites. Please Google "bedbugs" to be sure that isn't your problem....there are lots of links to bite marks and warning signs, etc. I'm hoping not, as I'm off to NYC in a month, AZ in 2 months and JA in 3 months, all at hotels....Gross that we even have to worry about this!!! I hope it's just the sand flea bites appearing after a few days of exposure....

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    We traveled to CSA in January and not one bite. We are traveling back next January hoping we have the same luck. Can anyone tell me if there are certain times of the year that they tend to be worse?

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