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    Default First time at CSS oct 3-6th 2010

    We are going to CSS october 3-6th. I know that is awfully short, but that's as long as the grandparents can handle our 4 kids and as ling as this momma can stand to stay away from them! Marriage has been a but rocky, excited about giving it a boost in paradise. This will be our first time at a AN beach, freaked out but excited! I'm 37, just now feel like I no longer aml terribly self conscious about my body. Everyone makes the experience sound so great! I'm a hippie at heart, I'm sure it will be terrifying at first though. We're probably unusual, but my husband is the one reluctant! I am not entirely sure I'll even be able to convince him to go to SSB. I might have to get him drunk and strip him down when he passes out! Can't wait to go, will anyone else be there during those days?

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    Whatever it takes Cindy!


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    You will have a wonderful time. Tell hubby to 'man it up' and enjoy. You will find all sizes and shapes there. You will also find yourself very welcome at SSB. Just get there early for good seating. I recommend setting up on the beach for your first time. We will be there but not till the 25th -- our third trip.

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    my wife of three days and I will be at CSS and SSB in a few short days for our honeymoon....


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    Don't forget to let us all know how the first AN experience went for you and in particular, your husband who you sensed was reluctant. I have a 'feedback' thread on this forum where you can tell us all about it!

    Hope you had a great holiday and are now convinced that AN is not so bad after all.


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