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    Default Deluxe Beach Front Room Question

    Let me preface this by acknowledging what a wonderful vacation my wife and I had this past March, staying at CN for the first time!
    We so fell in love with CN that Nov 2011 (gee, that seems so far away) I'm going to surprise her by taking her there again, with a few friends!!!
    My question is, even though we did the Ocean View Room and loved it, what about the Beach Front Rooms?
    From those with experience, is it worth it? I like the idea of being able to "hit the beach" almost immediately.
    Really, the price difference from Garden view to Beach front is not a deal breaker for us, so I'm just looking for pros (and cons) for such an upgrade.

    Thank in advance,

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    The only real difference between the Deluxe Ocean View and Deluxe Beachfront rooms at CN is the view. Buildings #1, #5, #6 and #9 are the closest to the beach. Since you've already stayed in the Deluxe Ocean room, you know the view from there. Here are some shots from our balcony on the third floor of building #6:

    To the left with the Wedding gazebo in the center and building #8 behind

    Center across the natural pool with building #9 behind

    To the right with the au natural beach behind the hedges on the left
    <font size=2>
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