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    Default sunsets

    is one "side" of the island better for sunsets than the other (TI/SS vs CN/CSA)?

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    CTI/CSS don't have sunsets, although they have fabulous sunrises and moonrises. Really. CSS has sunsets from Sunset Beach, although they are nothing to compare to the sunsets from the Negril side of the island.

    CN/CSA are both on the sunset side of the island, although, at CN, depending on the time of year, the sun may set over the little stretch of land just to the West of CN. CSA's sunset is always directly over the water ahead.

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    negril is hands down one of the best beachs for sunsets.
    Depending on what tiem of year if you stay on bloody bay ( CN ) thjere is a chance the sun will set directly behind booby cay which is a bit of a disappointment. But if you want sunset Negril is the place without question. Grab a bottle of your favorite beverage and sit back and relax.
    A trip out to the cliffs in negril is something worth doing for a sunset

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    CN and CSA are on the West side of the island.

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    Negril is known for it's beaches and it's sunsets. Neither can be beat! IMO
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    Negril has the best sunsets.
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    CSA is the best if you want to sit on the beach and watch the sunsets. It faces West.

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    We went to TI last time and are definately going to either CN or CSA this time. We are going in June 2011. Will this be the time of year that can be a bit of a dissapointment. also is there an excursion to ricks cafe? i think that it would be a lot of fun to watch the divers and then the sunset from there.

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    Sunset from the beach at CSA:

    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Default CTI Sunsets...

    Taken in May '07 at the Managers Welcome Party on the Dock...

    So, yes... CTI does get something close to a sunset with pretty colors.


    CTI - Aug 14-24 '10
    CTI - May '07

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    I don't know what you're talking about that CSS doesn't have sunsets. It sure does! They even call the beach "sunset beach!" Here are some pictures we took there last October, just to prove it!
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    Some of the picturs of sunsets/sunrises that have been posted on the message board are so pretty. It got me to thinking how neat it would be to have them as screen savers or slideshows, so I have started saving them to a special picture folder. You might consider the same if you aren't doing so already.

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    While I agree that Negril has awesome sunsets, CSS has some pretty nice ones as well. Depending on the time of the year, the sun goes down either behind the mountains (in fall/winter), or more over the water (spring/summer).

    April/May Sunset at CSS:
    Name:  CSS.AN.Sunset5.Boat_04.10.jpg
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    August Sunset at CSS:
    Name:  CSS.AN.Sunset2_08.09.jpg
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    December Sunset at CSS:
    Name:  CSS.AN.Sunset7.Mtn_12.07.jpg
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    What time of year do you get those breathtaking orange & reds off Negril.

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    Ochi side of Island does have nice sunsets, but Negril is awesome
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    Default What time of year do you get those breathtaking orange & reds off Negril.

    We were at CN this year from February 27th - March 7th and saw the most beautiful sunsets that we've ever seen. They were the orange & red colors - stunning! Anyone else?

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    My two bits....


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    Quote Originally Posted by kycouple View Post
    so I have started saving them to a special picture folder. You might consider the same if you aren't doing so already.
    Just noticed this. Please don't do this without asking.

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    There ARE sunsets at CSS. We took these in May of this year.
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