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    Default CSS Aug 29th-Sep 4th.

    My Fiance and I will be heading to CSS Aug 29th-Sep 4th for our honeymoon. We are a young couple(both 20), who will be joining us? Our names are Scott and Carley.

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    Default We will be there! CSS 8/28/ to 9/5

    My boyfriend (Robert) and I (Cheryl) will be there Aug 28 to Sept 5. We are joining two friends who are getting married there on Wed, Sept 1.

    It's our first time in Jamaica. Can't wait!!!! 10 days and counting!!!!

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    ill be there from aug 22 to 29. on my honeymoon. 24 and 26. too bad we will just miss.

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    My wife and I will be at CSS from august 31st till september 6th for our 5th anniversary. Hope to see you there and congrats. Fiona and Matt
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    First I would like to say "Congratulations" to the two of you to a wonderful new beginning. We will be arriving on the 28th celebrating our 3rd anniversary. August is a wonderful month and now you know why. A month to "Celebrate" Our Love. Even though we are, may I say, a more mature couple than you and your new spouse we will be arriving on August 28th at our new home for a week. We are in our 50's. We look forward to meeting you and Congratulating the two of you sometime during our stay. I have yet to do it, but it you haven't done it yet you should go to the thread "Meet-Up at Couples". Many indicate when they will be at Couples. We just made our reservations last night so I will do it soon. Enjoy your honeymoon!

    Linda and Steve

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    We'll be there too for our honeymoon 8/30-9/6. We are in our late 20's. Maybe we'll c-ya there.

    Wally n' Kirstin

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