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    Hi there! We are going to be dining at Feathers after our wedding and wearing our wedding attire. I have already planned on the men wearing closed toed shoes, so that is no problem.

    Debbie just informed me that I can't wear open toed shoes either. Is this a mistake? I can't see brides wearing closed toed shoes....what about beautiful sandals or open toe high heels?

    Can anyone clarify this for me?


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    I hope it's a mistake - I just got my shoes - pretty sandals and v open toed - I promise to have a good pedicure )

    Seriously, I don't know the answer, but I got the impression elsewhere on here that open toe is ok for girls but not for boys.

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    Unless they have changed the dress code since December 09 it should be a mistake.

    I wore my wedding shoes (not my dress) to Feathers the night my husband and I got married (12/14/09). They were red open toed patent leather heels.

    I say as long as you are nicely dressed it's not a will notice not many abide by the dress code on the website once you get down there.

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    Hello Ladies,
    Women can wear open toed shoes to Feathers. All my eveing shoes have open toes and heels and i've never been turned away from Feathers. The men need to have closed toed shoes - but my husband wears very nice (Italian) sandals with the toes semi closed and the heel open with a strap. The toe of the shoes are made of 1 inch leather straps that have a small space between them. They look very stylish with full length pants that cover the heels.

    They are pretty flexible with women's attire. As long as you are dressed respectfully yo wont have a problem.

    Wishing you both beautiful weddings and many happy years together.

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    Hi again....Debbie did call me back and let me know that she doublechecked and it was a mistake. Women are (of course) allowed to wear open toe shoes and/or nice sandals.....just no flip flops. I had originally called her to see if I could wear my rhinestone flip flops (because they are well hidden by my dress), but that was a "no" worries, will wear those on the beach for the ceremony and then change into sandals or heels for dinner. Is that what any of you ladies did? Did any of you actually wear heels on the sand?

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    I am not wearing shoes and neither are our bridesmaids/groomsmen. You would just sink and get sand in them anyhow....

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    I wore barefoot sandals for my beach wedding. Beautiful. And sandals with heels to Feathers.

    Yea, flip flops of any kind are not acceptable at Feathers. We did see some men that chose to ignore the dress code of closed toed shoes, and they were not nice italian leather either. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't enforced. But didn't let it spoil my evening. It's just one place that has a dress code, I think you should respect that or don't eat there.

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