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    Default Help, getting Married 9/22/09 CSA

    We will be arriving Sunday September 20,2009, getting married Tuesday Sept 22. I have a million questions:
    1) When do we sign up for rewards?
    2) When do we pick out the things we want for our wedding (i.e. flowers, cake, pictures, location, etc)?
    3) Do we need to make reservations for dinners, before we arrive, what is the dress code for the facilities, which is the best place for dinner, most laid back, most romantic?
    4) On an average day what is the best activities, and dress?
    5) Should we pack beach towels, or do they provide them?
    6) By staying at one resort, do you have access to the other resorts, and is there a cost?
    7) Do they do the catamaran cruise everyday?
    8) Do the rooms have coffee pots, or how do we sign up to have coffee delivered to our room?
    9) Drinking, do they have a large selection, I heard they serve them in small glasses, do they have beer A/B products.
    10) Do they have laid back restaurants, for just a sandwich, etc?
    11) Where do you find the entwined palm tree necklace? I would love to have one for my wedding.
    12) We are pretty laid back, I am 46 getting married for the first time, so just want to have fun, what would be a good fun day?
    13) If there is anything that you can think of that would be of great help packing, getting settled in, making reservations, activites, etc., please feel free to share.

    Thank you for all of your help, I hope our wedding is as wonderful, as all the messages I have read.

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    Don't worry about a thing. My husband and I were married at CSA in July 2008 ( and have booked a trip for Oct 2010!!! ). Couples takes care of everything. When you get to Couples the wedding coordinator will set up a meeting where you pick out specifics for your wedding, like what kind of cake, bouquet, etc. As far as husband and I wore our suits the majority of the time at CSA. Make sure you bring some coverups so you can go to one of the restaurants to eat when you get hungry. Most of the restaurants are pretty casual, but make sure your husband-to-be brings closed toed dress shoes and a pair of slacks if you want to go to Feathers to eat. You definitely should try all of the restaurants they are all so different. We didn't find a restaurant there that we didn't like. You will have to wait til after you arrive in Jamaica to make reservations for dinner, unless you have a special place in mind for dinner the night of your wedding. If you have a specific restaurant in mind for your special night just let the wedding coordinator know prior to arriving in Jamaica.

    Leave your beach towels at home...they provide them at CSA and you can change them out whenever you need to.

    You do have access to other resorts, but I believe there is a fee involved...don't worry, you won't want to leave CSA anyways. Plus, the only Couples close enough to travel to would be CN. We were there for 10 days and never got bored.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Don't worry about a thing. Couples is great and will take care of everything for you!!

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    Congratulations and welcome to the Couples family,

    1) I would go ahead and sign up for Romance Rewards now.
    2) Don't worry about the wedding at all, they will take care of everything, from setting an appointment with you so you can pick out everything to completing all of your documents.
    3) No the cat cruise does not run everyday, if you go to the CSA page your will find the schedule of activities and the cat cruise is listed there.
    4) You will have a coffee pot in your room along with coffee which my husband brews while waiting on the morning coffee and breakfast tray. You will find a card that you fill out the night before and leave on your door for morning coffee and pastrys (at least at CN it is this way, I am assuming it is the same at CSA)
    5) There is plenty to drink and it is all top shelve.

    Can't remember the rest of your questions, way to many for my feeble brain this morning. But again congratulations, you picked a great day. The 22nd of September is my parents anniversary and they have been married for 53 years this year.

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    You are going to LOVE CSA!

    1) Now. You won't reap any of the member benefits until your second trip, but if you sign up now you won't forget to do it in the future.
    2) Not sure, but I have heard wonderful things about the wedding coordinators!
    3) Reservations cannot be made until after arrival, but do make them as early as possible to get the best times. I believe they allow you to make reservations up to 3 days in advance. Check out the Dining section of CSA's website for specifics on dress code. I agree that you should try every restaurant, as they are very different (and good!). I would say that the most laid back place would probably be The Palms. Jamaica, even the beach grill is romantic! My favorite overall, though, is Patios. (TRY THE SOUPS!!!)
    4) On an average day, the BEST activity is partaking in sand gravity...appropriate dress is a swim suit. My must do's: Catamaran Cruise (swim suit), snorkeling (swim suit), Ulti (resort casual or dressy...your choice), Martini Bar (same as Ulti).
    5) Beach towels are provided. You can exchange them as often as you like for new ones.
    6) There has been a little bit of debate on this one. As a guest at CSA, Romance Rewards members have the option to do a Trading Places day at CN for no additional cost. The debate is whether those new to Couples who have a Romance Rewards account are eligible. For more information, check out this link:
    7) Cat Cruise typically runs 3 days a week. Check with the Travel Desk (located in the Great House)upon arrival for schedule and to sign up.
    8) The rooms do have coffee pots, but I much prefer the coffee that is delivered with morning room service (starts at 6:30 am). To have it delivered, simply fill out the room service card with your selections and hang it on the outside of your door by midnight.
    9) There are tons of choices for alcohol. The glasses they are served in are average size. See photo.
    10) The beach grill is open nearly ALL the time with a selection of casual food. You can check out sample menu's for the grill and other restaurants at this link:
    11) Where do you find the entwined palm tree necklace? I would love to have one for my wedding. I can't help with this one.
    12) Lots of sand gravity with good food, alcohol and people mixed in. However, you will have to pull yourselves out of the sand at some point to take a lovely walk down the beach.
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    Read through the FAQs, the wedding FAQs, and the accommodations and dining information on CSA's web page. You'll find the answers there.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Congrats, we were married at CSA in 04 and it was the best thing we ever did. You will find answers to most of your questions on the CSA page.Great choice and I hope you love CSA as much as we do.

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    Just got married at CSA. First off dont worry at all about the dress code. It is way more casual then I thought it would be. I took all sorts of fancy sun dresses and sandals and most were wearing very casual clothes. As for the wedding, they made us reservations at feathers the night we got married we didnt have to do a thing. I highly recommend to upgrade your flowers. I paid $40.00 extra and it was so well worth it! They were beautiful. You will meet with the wedding gal the day before and pick everything out. Are you planning on using the resort photographer? If so I would ask how booked he or she is. Ours was very rushed to get to her next assignment. I was not happy with that at all. The photos turned out OK but felt I was cheated out of my time. The picking out of the photos is not a good process either. Wish I would have taken my own blowdryer. The one in the room was very tiny and took forever to dry my hair. Didnt know they had robes in the room. I packed mine and it was a nice surprise to not need it. There is a ticket on the door you hang out each night if you want coffee and rolls delivered to your room. We LOVED that service!!

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    Thank you, to all of you who replied. Your advice has been very helpful. Sorry about all the questions, will be 47 getting married for the first time. I guess I am just a little nervous.

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