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    Does anyone know...
    As far as the packages go for the weddings... does that include chairs for your guests during the ceremony? Or is there a cost to add these chairs to your package?

    Also, is there a cost to have your reception in one of the restaurants? My group is under 20 people.

    Thank you!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
    We were married at CSA on the beach and there were chairs for our guests, no extra cost.

    We had 14 guests and were able to have Debbie help us make arrangements for dinner. There is a limit as to the number they can accommodate in the restaurants, as well as the resort keeping the ambiance of a "couples" resort and not a group party. You can reserve private rooms that will accommodate your group nicely.

    I would contact Debbie Hall and she can get your arrangements taken care of.

    You might be to use the "beach party" as your reception for the group and it wouldn't cost a thing. Check with Debbie to see if that would work. Also you can do a cold or hot appetizer reception for your group and then plan a private beach dinner or make reservations for you and your newly wed at Feathers for an intimate dinner for the two of you. We did the cold appetizer and it was completely worth the extra costs.

    Hope that helps
    Susan and Dan
    CSA 11-7-09

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    We got married at CSA on July 24, 2010. The wedding was beautiful and the place was great. But, I'm not sure if you have scheduled you wedding yet. You can email the wedding office at and they will answer any questions you might have. Our wedding was just the two of us so I'm not really sure about the chair situation.

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    We are getting Married November 13th at CSA. We are having a 3pm wedding on the beach. We will do pictures right after. We went with an offsite photographer because the pictures we saw of the resort one were not good and they don't even edit them. We have 30 guests so we decided to have a 2 hour cocktail reception and then go to a restaurant for dinner around 7. We also are having a steel drum band which is $400 per hour but there are cheaper and more expensive options. This gives people to go freshen up before dinner and not feel rushed. It is $15 per person for a cold appitizer and $20 for hot. Debbie can give you a price list of all add on options and menu for food if you are interested. This also includes a private bar tender so our group can stay a group. We are doing our "reception" in the garden so we have a special private feel. A private dinner is $95 per person and we CAN'T afford that. Since we have a big group our restaurant choices are Palms or Patios. We will all have a dinner together and spend the night drinking and dancing!! We can't wait and are really excited since all our guests are coming from all over the country. It will be a reunion and celebration!!

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    Thank you everyone for your input! You've all been a huge help. I really appreciate it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where our guests can stay? We have a lot of Non-Couples (singles) coming who are adults. I know someone mentioned that a Beaches Negril location is next to CSA, but there prices are a little high. Does anyone know any accomodations close by that would be more affordable for us to suggest for our guests?

    My next dilemma then would be transportation to our resort on the day of the wedding... If anyone has any suggestions on that i'd greatly appreciate! Thanks so much!!

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    We were married at CSA in 2008, so I'm not sure that everything is the same, but all the basics were definietly included, such as chairs and the wedding arch decorated with tulle. If we wanted flowers or shrubs or chair bows or covers we could've paid extra, but really, for a beach wedding we felt it wasn't neccessary. The setting with the palm trees is perfect as is.
    We did upgrade our flowers though, and got extra ones for our MOH and BM.
    We brought fans and bubbles and they put those out on the chairs for us. We also brought chocolate shells which they put on our cake. Get the rum spice cake. It's to die for! We all wanted more! Tamika totally went the extra mile for us. She's awesome.
    We had a morning wedding, so we had the included reception afterwards in the garden. We found it to be a nice private area for our cake and champagne.
    The beauty is that you can do as little or as much as you like. They will take such good care of you

    As for where to stay for outside guests, I can't help you, as ours stayed on resort (even the two single ladies), but if you post on the Tripadvisor Jamaica forum I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions. I just don't think there are many AI's around there.
    For transportation to/from the resort for them, look at getting a driver with a van or small bus. It would probably be cheaper than cabs... unless of course you find a place that's close enough to walk, which is possible.

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