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    Hi All

    we picked cti as our destination for honeymoon. we are both planning on utilizing the au natural island. can someone tell me about the amenities on the island? is there a pool or hot tub?
    bar or snack hut? and how many guests typically can be found there. any information would be appreciated.
    we are soooo looking forward to jamaica mon

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    There is a small swim-up pool and restroom. No hot tub.

    The number of people just depends on the week. The week we were there the place was crowded and they had to bring extra chairs over.

    The week we were there they were not bringing any food over, but recently there has been mention of the resort bringing lunch over. Doesn't matter either way as there always seemed to be a group of men willing to go grab some food for their honeys and others and the restaurant will wrap up things to go.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default thanks

    thanks coloradojuli for the info

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    On TI, there is a swim up bar with a great bartender, a hammock, the tower, and some access to the ocean. It very relaxing with the breeze and ocean spraying you. Bring teva's or aquasocks if you plan on going in the ocean. We stayed tue - tue with the first half having maybe 10-15 couples on the island. After the weekend, it went down to three. I guess it took some time for the new arrivals to work up the courage.

    We always went back to the mainland for food as the fare on the island is not desirable. I did hear that you can order from the grill and they will bring it over, but never saw that happen.

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