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    My husband sleeps with a box style fan every night (police officer who got into the habit when working swing shift) and even takes one with us when we go out of town. Obviously we won't be packing one to take to CSS but I wondered if anyone knows whether ot not the resort has any available for guests? I am guessing there isn't a place near the resort to purchase a fan. TIA


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    My DH also sleeps by fan and on our stay we found out they have a overhead fan and also the air conditioner can be set to blow right on the bed it worked like a charm and DH slept like a log I hope you all enjoy your time as much as we did it was the best time ever!

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    the central air units make a good lulling sound too, imho. And the beds are VERY comfy - we have slept amazingly since we got here to CSS a few days ago!

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    our room has a ceiling fan along with the ac above the bed

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    I'm assuming he uses the fan for the white noise it makes ..... ???? I don't know if they have any box fans that you can use but I can tell you that the ceiling fans always make a lot more noise than ours at home does & the a/c units in the rooms also make noise so he should be fine. I prefer total quiet & these things both are loud to me ........ they don't bother hubby though.

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    Yes Maxernie, he HAS to have that noise! Thanks for the replies, it looks like he will be okay with the A/C and ceiling fan. Makes me feel a lot better about getting good sleep

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    I have to sleep with a fan, too. Although I have a box fan in my bedroom, my kids have small desk fans that are actually LOUDER than my box fan. I'm swiping one of those for our vacation!

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