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    Default when to book flight

    We have been to CN twice before and always booked the flight and room together. This year we wanted to take advantage of the "love away plan" and booked our room through couples. We are traveling the week of May 22 and I am not sure when the best time to book the flight would be. We want a direct flight and we will be flying out of atlanta or Charlotte. Any suggestions?

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    I would suggest booking as soon as you can, but you need to know what a good price is. We always book as soon as a good price comes up.

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    The best time to book a flight is when the rate is the lowest which who the heck knows when that will be. I checks rates constantly as soon as they are released and seat availability then book when the rate is the best or the flight I want starts filling up. Have always gotten good rates this way. I recommend flying out of Charlotte MUCH nicer smaller less congested airport than Atlanta.
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    Default flights

    We fly out of Boston- that said for our October trips- we usually book a lfight Between Jan & Feb- we know that flights are going to be about $300 each rt- they dont go much lower but they go alot higher. So do your home work.-

    I also put flight notifications on several of the search engines to keep me informed. I set the range and if the flight gets posted within that range- they email me.

    Hope it helps
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    You really have to do some research and know the flights. For instance, we have to fly Continental from Houston (though we've flown from Charlotte a few times) and we know that for April, the flight prices historically are low in June and July ($370-$400), then they go up in the fall ($550) but then they drop again in January ($270). So we are waiting to book ours in January. However, this is a risk we take because there is always the chance they don't drop.

    Your only option for a direct flight from Charlotte is on US Airways. The price is around $476 right now. I don't know the airline well enough to know if they will drop again so if you don't want to pay more than that, you should probably book now. You can also check out and set up a trip alert. It will let you know when your flight drops to a certain price.
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    When to book your flights can be a tough decision.

    Do you have to make connecting flights?
    Do you have the ability to get a non stop flight?

    A direct flight out of Charlotte NC would probably put you on US Airways while Atlanta might provide more airline options.

    We booked a few months ago and already we have seen the same flight increase $100.

    Search for the best deals for the airport of your choice and book.

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    Try, it shows current fares 5 months out, but will also show "sale trends"

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