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    Default How to fill the time?

    We are planning our wedding at CSA in December. If we choose the 10 AM time slot, how do we fill the time until the evening when we can have a dinner on the beach? Also, can you stay in your dress/tux the entire day or will the resort ask you to change? I'm leaning towards the 10 AM slot since everyone has said that is the best time on here.

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    It's your day; spend it how you'd like. You can wear your dress/tux the entire day, but I think you might be a little warm. From what I've seen (we've been to all four of the Couples Resorts for a total of 18 vacations), most brides change out of their wedding dresses after the ceremony, and some choose to put them back on in the evening to wear to dinner.

    After your ceremony and photo session are completed, you could:

    - Consummate your marriage
    - Schedule a couples massage
    - Change into your swimsuits and grab a celebratory glass of sparkling wine at one of the bars
    - Lie together in a hammock and share your dreams for your life together
    - Frolic in the surf
    - Relax and simply enjoy yourselves together in paradise
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    And I totally agree with Pamela. You can do whatever you want. We were married 11-7-09 at the sunset slotted time, that got pushed due to weather and delays of the previous weddings, but anyway.... You will see wedding attire at any time during the day at CSA. If you want to stay in yours all day, go for it. Get in the ocean and swim in it, I did.

    Since the weather delayed our wedding on Saturday the sun had gone, so we had pictures taken the next day. We were out for a couple of hours in our wedding attire, we even went swimming in the ocean with my dress and his linen pants and shirt.

    And like Pamela said... make it your day. Get married, take some pictures, go have lunch in your wedding clothes. Head back to the room, grab a bottle of champagne, take a shower, mmmmm..... then put your suits on head to the beach, grab some drinks and have so much fun you never want to go home.

    Congratualtions again!
    Susan & Dan CSA 11-7-09

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    I vote numba one

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    Were getting married at 11. My plan for when it is over, is to get changed, eat lunch and keep on relaxing. maybe throw some time in for some other activities as well.

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    We were married at CSA@ 10am, took pics and changed into our suits and had the whole day to celebrate, it really was the best day of our lives.We then had our wedding night dinner at Feathers which Tamika set up for us.It was still hot at 10am so we wanted to get out of our wedding clothes asap, just us.We are booked for trip #4 to CSA for April and are counting down!Good luck, you will have a BLAST!

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