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    Default URGENT! Gift in Room Ideas Upon Arrival?

    My daughter is heading to Jamaica to get married at CTI (she arrives Tuesday!!) and I wanted something special in their room upon arrival so she feels our love and presence there on her special week and day. Does anyone have ideas? Does Couples do this? If so, what is offered? If anyone has pics of these special gifts, even better!

    Best number to reach Couples? I've tried calling and can't get though. :-(

    Thanks so much!!

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    Go to the honeymoons link and there are some packages listed. You could get them one of those and have fresh flowers in the room with information about their gift package perhaps if the resort would help set it up, and I bet they will.

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    You can ask the resort to have a bottle of sparkling wine and maybe some flowers in the room when they arrive.

    I would try calling the resort directly, I think you can get their number on their specific page.

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    Not sure how CTI handles this but I have done it several times for friends of ours going to CN. Below is the contact information of Sharie Gordon (Customer Relations Manager) who handles all our requests. I am also attaching the CN Resort Extras that can be purchased via the gift request form which is also attached. Send her an email or give her a call and she will be more than happy to take care of your needs.

    954 665 2962
    800 268 7537 ext 2962

    Regardless they will have a wonderful time. If you don't' get it by Tuesday you can always surprise them during their trip. Good luck!
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    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    Thanks so much! Sharie is taking care of me! :-) I'm going with the Just Because Package for $79.
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