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    Default Room Difference CTI

    Hello. My husband and I are taking our late honeymoon (married 2 years) to CTI Sept 11-15. I was wondering does anyone know the difference between the Ocean Jr. Suite and the Premier Ocean Room? The pictures on the website look that same.

    I also heard that sometimes you can request room upgrades? What are the stipulations on that? Or is this just a myth?

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    Ocean Jr suite has the minibar and fridge.

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    Only the suites come with minibars and fridges. I don't know how important that is to u but, my husband & I choose the ocean jr suite just for those 2 reasons. We don't want to carry a lot of stuff to the room and we like to sit on the balcony & have a few drinks. We will be celebrating our 10yr anniversary next year at the same time that u r going this year. What is your actual anniversary date? Ours is 9/15 so we will b celebrating 9 yrs next month @ home and 10 yrs next year @CTI. We will b having many drinks!!!!!

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    Congrats La-Kesha! Not really familiar with the rooms, but I will be there the same time you are as the visiting fitness instructor for the week so please say hi!

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    Room upgrades are given to Romance Rewards members who have reached the Passionate Level if they are available. We are at PL and there have not been upgrades available.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses. @spice505, our actual anniversary is 9/13. I'm, looking forward to the many drinks. lol. @ thefitone, we will see you there!

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    we'll be there the 11th through the 18th celebrating our 10th anniversary on the 17th!! Can't wait!! Hope to meet you all!
    Holly & Steve

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    Default Tomorrow!!!

    We'll be there tomorrow afternoon through the morning of the 15th. Looking forward to meeting y'all.


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