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    Excited for our trip to CN in February. My wife made me promise she would be able to do yoga every day. I told her no problem, mon. On days when it is not offered at CN, she is planning on going to Negril Yoga House. Think it's okay for her to go in a cab by herself to/from yoga? Anyone know how far Negril Yoga is from CN?


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    Hi Alamere,

    I don't know how far it is. Do you know if she can go down the road on the Couples shuttle to take yoga at Couples Swept Away? They offer yoga most days.

    By the way - for anyone going to CTI November 21 - 28, I will be the visiting yoga instructor offering two classes daily!


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    We did yoga every morning on our balcony overlooking the beautiful gardens at CN. They had classes everyday but the time interfered with our beach schedule. :-)


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    I'm not sure of exactly how far the Negril Yoga Center(I'm assuming thats where you mean) is from CN. My guess would be about 5 miles. As far as going alone, even though in my opinion she'd be perfectly safe going alone, you might want to go with her the first time and see if your both comfortable with her grabbing a taxi herself. If your a first timer to Negril the taxi system could take a little while to get use to. She needs to make sure the price is understood before she gets in. Route(shared ride) rate is a little over $1us to anywhere on the beach road, private ride should be about $5 or so.
    I took some classes at the Yoga Center a couple years ago. Haven't been there in awhile but, if I remember correctly, they do have places where you could sit and relax while your wifes at class, or you could always cross the road and check out that part of 7 mile beach!

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