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    Default Beaches Resort next door to CSA????

    Is there a Beaches next door to CSA or CN?

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    Beaches Negril is right next door to CSA

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    Default It's CSA

    The Beaches resort is next to CSA . . . go to the beach and turn right.

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    Beaches is right next to CSA. If you are standing in the water facing the resort it is to your left. You will know that it is Beaches by the sad look of longing from the parents, wishing they to were at CSA!

    It's not really an issue. Unless you walk that direction on the beach, you wouldn't even know it is there


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    Yes, Beaches Negril is right beside CSA.

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    The Beaches Resort is next to CSA

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    But unless you're looking for it, you won't know it's there.

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    How close? (Meaning, will I have to hear children screaming or parents screaming at their children?)

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    Don't worry at all. You won't hear any noise from B at CSA. Occasionally, you might see some of their guests walking along the public shoreline with the kids in tow. They tend to stand out because they have a certain dazed "Wow, we should have gotten a babysitter and stayed at Couples" look on their faces. The only time you'll notice B is when you are driving past the sign on the road. And then you'll know that paradise is right next door, welcome to CSA !
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    yes Cubismo is right! I had to stay next door once for a family vacation. I was one of the very sad people walking down the beach longing to go to seagrapes for hummus. That vacation (although we had a wonderful time) made us really appreciate Couples even more. Needless to say we were back at Couples a few months later for trip number 5. Trip number 6 is booked.

    Before staying at Beaches I did not even realize it was there. No worries!

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    Ditto what Cubismo said. From the Couples property, you can really only see the sides of some of their buildings when you are at/around The Palms. If you're on the beach and look north, you can see some of their beach. Really though, unless you make the effort to walk north toward it, you won't know it's there.

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    Thanks everyone! We're getting married in July and some of the guest are not a couple so we're looking for a resort that's close to CSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casacaudill View Post
    How close? (Meaning, will I have to hear children screaming or parents screaming at their children?)
    We had a beachfront suite near the Palms and we could not hear people over there that we knew of. If we did they just blended in with the other people from CSA. The thing we did hear ALL DAY LONG was the same song being played over and over for the whole trip. I think they used it for weddings but I'm not sure because I didn't look. I can't imagine they had that many weddings. I saw something that looked like it could be a wedding area near that side of the resort though. I used to like that song too. Now I just want to scream when I hear it. After the 400th time it got a little annoying.

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    No worries just very entertaining when Mom and Dad take a walk with the kiddies on the surf line and someone at CSA sits up on her chair while sunbathing topless,,parents shuffle the kids up the beach real fast. Also on the families next door note, they can walk on CSA property but must stay at the water line, they can't mingle with the guests. We saw people walking through several times and only once did security intervene with more then a quick question, and that was a small group of 18 or 19s coming from Breezes and they did get turned back. lol Cubismo is right about that look of wow.. Enjoy your time at CSA..

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    Just so hard to imagine a Jamaican vacation where we are chillin on the beach and along comes someone in a Big Bird or Cookie Monster costume LOL
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