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    Default Questions about CSA...

    My fiance and I just booked our honeymoon at CSA... first timers, and we have heard nothing but good things. I just have a few questions about the inclusions, etc.
    As far as the dining- how far in advance do you need to make reservations at the restaurants that require them? And everything is included, right? So whatever we eat, drink there is taken care of? (I realize that question sounds kind of stupid, but some places are not always "all inclusive" although they claim to be)
    Also, CSA seems to be tailored towards very active types and we are really looking to relax... it's ok to just do that right?
    Any advice for first timers would be appreciated! I just want to make sure we get the best experience possible! Thanks!

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    Reserve the restaurants when you arrive. They have busy days and slow ones, but there's no telling. And yes, everything is included.

    As far as any of the Couples Resorts being "active" - they are what you want them to be. We're returning to CSA for our 6th time, 8th overall to Couples, in October and I can tell you that each of those previous trips my major activity was walking from my lounge chair to the water, floating, and then walking back a while later. Yes, they have a fabulous gym and exercise center, but that's in the opposite direction of the beach.
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    Hi Beth;

    You have made an awesome choice for your honeymoon!
    To answer your questions:

    when you arrive at the resort, have your husband go to the concierge desk and make reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers while you are doing the paperwork for check in. We have never had a problem getting reservations at CSA or any other Couples for that matter. You might also want to book the catamaran cruise as they do tend to fill up quickly!
    There is plenty to do at CSA but you are under no obligation to participate. When we have a beach day we get there about 9am, set up our lounges and a table and wait for the guys to start coming around. When we were there in 2009 they started at 10 with a tray of fruit kebabs, about 10:15 they brought water and non alcoholic drinks, 10:30 was the drink of the day and a flag to put in the sand!Total pampering and our butts never left the chair! Floating is considered a sport at Couples! It is the most relaxing thing I have ever done and there is no better beach than CSA.
    I hope you love CSA as much as we do and cannot wait to hear your review!

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    Reservations may be made the day before, or the day of depending on availability. Should be no problems, we have never had an issue getting a table, though if you wait till the same day you may not get your preferred time.

    All included means all included. Eat and drink as much as you care to indulge. No cut off and no extra charge for big appetites.

    We spent a week at CSA in June and did practically nothing all week. It was great! It is completely up to you to do as much or as little as you want.

    Enjoy CSA by doing what ever you want, when ever you want to do it. I find the less we schedule or plan the better time we have. But that's just us. Some folks love to schedule every hour and have the time of their lives. It really is up to you.

    You will love CSA. Best beach in the world, IMHO, and a beautiful, tropical resort. When you going?

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    You have made a wonderful choice for your honeymoon.

    All the food and drink are included. All the water sports are included. The only thing not included at the resort is the spa, dinner on the beach and things you buy form gift shop.

    Yes there are lots of things you can do but you dont have to do anything at all. Our big goal of the day is getting to breakfast. After that we found it hard to leave the beach till dinner. Its your honeymoon do what makes the two of you happy.

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    Ok ,when you check in or the next morning go to the Concierge desk and they will get you set up for Feathers and/or Lemongrass. The sooner you do it the more times they will have available for you to choose from,and yes everything IS included. As far as being active, or not, YOU set your own pace. When you arrive you receive a packet of info which includes a list of whats going on and when. Our days at CSA went something like this, Get up put on a dry swimsuit and shirt,go to either the Palms or Patois for breakfast. Make sure you try both, and the Banana Stuffed Frenchtoast is a must have at Patois. Breakfast smoothies are good too. Oh I forgot, when the wife was doing her hair in the a.m. I would go and put our towels on a couple of chairs, I was able to get the same general spot each day and by moving our chairs back during the course of the day we had shade or sun, no problem mon. After breakfast we might take a walk down the beach ,or not, maybe grab a floatee and relax in the ocean, we were there 1st week of April and the water was about mid eighties, very nice. The beach bars open around 11:00 am I think. We would grab something cold,fruity and usually containing rum then sit back in our chairs and forget about the rest of the world.. Be careful with your alcohol consumption, make sure you drink some non-alcoholic drinks too, cause the caribbean sun and heat will wring you out fast.. Lunch around mid day ,lots of options here the Palms,Patois,Sea grapes cafe and the Cabana Grill, highly recommend the grilled snapper sandwich and the meat pies at the Cabana grill, and the vegi burger at Sea Grapes.WE had never had vegi burgers before and decided to try them, they are excellent. After lunch back on the beach,or in the water, whatever you want.
    If you want to use the jet skis, that is NOT part of your Couples Package and you would need to work out a price with "Elvis" he will come to you most likely if you are out in the water, they pull up close to but outside of the boundary ropes and buoys and ask if you want try the jetskis. He is down the beach off Couples property on the Cabana Grill end, and oh yea ,if you go off the property Couples Security will record your name and room # both leaving and returning, its a good feeling to know they keep track of the guests. Around 4:30 ish the grounds crews begin to straighten and clean up the beach. At that point we would get fresh drinks, bs with the bar tenders then head back to our room and get ready for dinner and the evening. One thing you must join in on is the piano bar at 9:00 pm in the Aura lounge, it is a blast and a great way to meet people,, Lenworth, aka "Ultimate Chocolate" is a lot of fun.
    I will close by saying CSA is the place you go to relax,forget about everything at home and be with someone you love, and in our case ,to fall in love all over again after 28 years and 3 kids. Congrats on your marriage and enjoy your time in Paradise.

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    I would suggest that you walk over to the concierge desk right after you check in to make reservations for both reservation only restaurants (Feathers and Lemongrass) and go ahead and make your catamaran cruise reservation. For us it was just one less thing we had to think about because it was done. And yes, everything is included. Food, drink, watersports, activities, etc. There is so much to do or as you suggested, you can do nothing. We loved just laying on the beach and doing absolutely nothing. You don't even have to get up for a drink!

    Advice: Do as much or as little as you like. Take a night time stroll across the property (it's so romantically lit at night), go to the Martini Bar above the Palms, and definitely try snorkeling. You are gonna have a blast. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Thanks!!! We are very excited and reading all the posts on here are making me even more so...We are going June 25-July 2, 2011. I am a little disappointed because we are going more than 30 days after our wedding so we won't get that package... but honestly, I doubt I will care once we get there!! Can't wait!

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