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    Default 10th Sept 2010 4pm Wedding.

    Anyone at CTI there that date, is there any chance of taking a couple of photos of our wedding for us please? We have a couple of cameras we will be taking. Looking forward to our first time in Jamaica , getting married and going on some good trips
    Faith and Tim

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    Omg!!! You must be getting so nervous and excited all at once. Your date is right around the corner. Our wedding is oct 20 and i have the butterflies already! Wish we were there to take pics for you but im sure you will meet lots of friends to help out!! Hope we do too. Congrats!...jenn

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    Tim and Faith-
    It's getting close now! We leave in the morning! We're also still in for taking some pics. I've got an extra 2g card for my camera so I can use one I'm familiar with.

    See ya there!
    Rick and Teresa

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    Ivan Islanders will be there.... 4PM wedding is tough we will be on the island... have to bring my super telephoto lens....

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