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    Default Wedding at CTI .. questions.

    Hi, we are getting married at CTI on 10th Sept 2010 [ not long mow..], but have a few questions. What will the light be like for photographs at a 4pm wedding?
    Do the bride and groom get ready in their room together, or does the hotel offer an alternative room, for one person?
    Is it best to get the CTI photographer- or someone from outside?
    We would love any information that would help us make our day go smoothly, thank you.

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    Faith we got married there in April, used the resort photographers and couldn't be happier with the outcome, we also had the video done, great remembrance, but I do suggest you provide your own music to make it personal. You don't need to worry about anything the staff at Tower Isle takes care of everything and they do a great job. I got my hair/makeup done at the spa and then got dressed in our room. You really need to work it out with your spouse. check out the wedding message board, I found it extremely helpful during my planning stages and you can see some sample photos of other ceremonies.
    We were married on the beach at 2pm and had the cake, etc. in the garden afterward. It was an incredible experience! Best wishes to you

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    Faith, we were married at CTI in November last year at 4 p.m. was an incredible wife was in the spa for the complete package...well worth it for her she said but I think she is a natural beauty anyways......get Rohan the photographer he is amazing and get the small package..(trust me on this) 4 p.m. was the best time cause once the wedding is over and the reception is done with signings and all, the picture possibilities were fantastic. The resort staff do an awesome job with everything. We were not going to do the photographer at first but saw some on the other wedding photos in the days before our wedding and decided to spend the extra....very well worth it!!! Enjoy your day and your life together.....All the Best!!

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