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    Default Tim Air ?

    Has anyone used this shuttle service? Knocking off more than 1 hour each way in travel from MB to Negril sounds very tempting.

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    Sure at least a dozen times. Email them Tim Air for a no obligation quote. Best of all you don't pay until you arrive in MoBay. It is great to see the island from 3000 feet.

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    We've stayed at the various Couples Resorts 18 times, and we've flown TimAir on 17 of those trips. We're scheduled to stay at CN next month, and the cost for two people round trip to/from Negril is $420. We've had really good luck with TimAir lately and have generally been at the resort from between 55 to 65 minutes after stepping off of our arriving flight from New York.

    Even if you decide not to fly to Negril, you might want to consider flying back to MoBay at the end of your trip. Previously, guests being driven back to MoBay were scheduled to leave the resort approximately four hours before their departing flight times, and guests flying on Tim Air got to stay at the resort an extra two hours. However, in our most recent stay (March 2010), we were scheduled to depart from CN via shuttle 5.5 hours before our departing flight. When I pointed out that we were flying on TimAir, our departure time was rescheduled (the landing strip for TimAir is right across the street), and we were able to stay at the resort for an extra 3.5 hours.

    It might not sound like much, but staying at the resort for an extra 2-3 hours has always enabled us to spend the entire morning on the beach and enjoy one last lunch in paradise before heading home. It's much nicer to have lunch at CN than at Margaritaville at the airport. Next month, our flight from MoBay to JFK departs at 6 pm. That means that TimAir will schedule our flight for 4 pm, and our departure from CN will be scheduled for 3:45 pm.
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    Yes we use it every time we go to CN or CTI. It takes approx 12 minutes from Mobay to CN and the view is spectacular. Little pricey but worth every penny.
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    We have flown TimAir the past 3 years. Some people will say its not worth it, and it doesnt save you any time, but we disagree. We have always been swept over to the TimAir terminal and we always beat the bus by an hour or more! We will be taking it again this October, We do take the resort shuttle back to the airport the day we leave. I say try it!!!

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    We use Timair every time we go to Couples, if it makes sense. One morning we had a 8:00am departure from Jamaica so the TimAir flight wasn't going to buy us extra time so we took the shutle. Last year we watched people leaving CN at 9:00am for our 2:00pm flight. We were on the beach until noon and took our TimAir flight. That was really worth the extra cost!


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    We used TimAir last time and loved it. We are considering it for our next trip, but it is a little expensive (just over US$400 per couple, round trip). We treated it as an excursion. We arrived at MBJ at 10:40 AM. We breezed through immigration/customs, alerted Couples at the airport lounge that we had arrived and were taking TimAir, checked in at the TimAir desk, made the flight to NEG, taxied to CSA, room was not ready, but had our toes in the sand by 11:30. I think we got lucky with immigration though.

    If you do it, I suggest booking ahead of time via their website. You can decide to do it at the last minute, but then you run the risk of delay if TimAir has to fuel up, do a preflight check, and file a flight plan before you can take off. Reserve ahead of time (you won't pay anything until you get to MBJ) and they'll be waiting for you.
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    We use TimAir all of the time. Always on the way back to MoBay and sometimes on the way to CSA. It depends on our arrival time if we use them going to CSA.

    On the way back to MoBay it does give you at least two extra hours on the beach. There is road construction outside of the airport so they have been scheduling the shuttle buses 5-5 1/2 hours before your flight time. Sometime you hit traffic sometimes you don't.

    One trip we had a 5 minute trip through immigration, our luggage was waiting for us, went to TimAir and we had our toes in the sand one hour after our plane touched down. If you take the bus it is usually two hours at best.

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    We have talked to people that have used the service. They seem to like it it does get them there faster but it $100 per person each way.

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    We used TimAir in January to and from CSA. We had always used the shuttle service before to CSA and CSS. It was nice getting an extra hour both ways. However, we did it almost as an excursion, or a chance to see the island from the air and do something different. Since we'd done the shuttle before, we thought it would be a nice change, which it was. It was especially nice on departure day because I'm always sad on the long shuttle ride back to the airport. If you've never taken the shuttle before, though, the shuttle certainly is a good way to see the countryside and small towns.

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    Alot do. Do a search. Most will agree that you should at least take the regular auto shuttle once to experience the trip.

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    Loved it, everyone should try it at least one way. Just fantastic to see the island and the resorts on such a gret vantage point.
    And, for us, it got us to the resort quicker.
    One love,

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    We have done both the shuttle and the flight, two separate trips. The shuttle was fine, but on the return trip we were packed like sardines on the bus. Not so fun. The next trip we did the flight both ways and it was AWESOME!!! Scary to be in such a small plane, but the pilots are great, the view is amazing and we definitely saved time. Hubby refuses to take the shuttle now! Definitely worth experiencing at least once.

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    Default Great to Hear :)

    Thanks for the feedback. That pretty much made up our minds.

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    Just do it! We considered it to be an excursion and will never forget the sights of the island from the air. It's also difficult to put a price on 3 extra hours at the resort prior to the return trip. IMHO - completely worth it. We will fly Tim air round trip on our next trip.

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