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    Default CSS 1st time!! Suggestions on what to take??

    Headed to CSS in August for the 1st time!! Also 1st time in Jamaica. Would appreciate advice from those of you experienced travelers as to what we should and shouldn't take. Need to start packing and not sure where to start!!!

    Thanks so much!!
    3 weeks before we leave!!!

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    Here is one list that I go by from someone on the boards who was kind enough to share theirs...

    Hereís what we pack for a week (tweak as necessary):

    For me:
    2 pairs of shorts
    2 tops that can be worn with either shorts
    3 sundresses
    4 bikinis
    1 sarong
    1 dress-style cover-up
    Running shorts
    Sports bra
    Yoga pants & top
    1 pair of sandals with heels
    1 pair of flat sandals
    One pair pajamas
    Makeup (blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick Ė I skip eyeliner b/c it runs
    and skip foundation b/c itís too heavy in the heat)
    Vacation jewelry

    For Kev:
    2 pairs of shorts
    1 pair long pants
    2 polo shirts
    2 Hawaiian-style shirts
    4 swimsuits
    1 pair running shorts
    2 t-shirts
    Socks & underwear
    1 pair of sandals
    1 pair of shoes appropriate for Otaheite

    Other Stuff:
    Pens (for Immigration and Customs forms)
    Books Ė I have a Kindle, so I just dowload books to thatóit saves room
    Ipods & earphones
    Cell phones
    Phone and iPod chargers
    Hairbrush & comb
    Travel size water pick
    Travel size sound machine
    Electric shaver
    2 1-gallon Ziplock bags (for wet swimsuits when you pack up to return home) (they
    also have 2-gallon bags if you prefer)

    2 1-quart baggies of liquids:

    Sunblock (six tubes of 3-ounce sunblock fit in one one-quart baggie)
    Makeup remover, moisturizer, top coat nail polish, toothpaste, hair conditioner.

    We buy things like shampoo & conditioner, after-sun lotion, additional sunblock, and any other things we might need from the sundries store. Itís more expensive to buy it at the resort than at home (although with some airlines now charging for checked bags, maybe not), but itís worth it to us. Always make sure you bring a few tubes of sunblock and at least a little hair conditioner with you. One year CN was out of all sunblock with an SPF higher than 8, and at CSS this past August, they had NO hair conditioner.

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    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
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    You might want to check out a recent thread "Wish I would of thought of that". More swimsuits and casual day clothes and less dress clothes. You probably won't want to rewear the day stuff but you can get a few wearings from the evening clothes. Conditioner, for the women at least, and plenty of sunscreen.

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    Pack your suitcase, then unpack at least half the clothes you've just packed. Seriously, you'll way over pack.

    I've learned to "mix and match" bottoms and tops for both of us, you only wear your regular clothes a couple hours a day so you can re-wear things. The rest of the day you are in your swim suit and you will want at least two if not three for each of you, it's humid and they won't dry over-night.

    I like to take a few things such as Tylenol just in case but I take small bottles so they don't take up a lot of room.

    Don't forget batteries or chargers for any electronics you are taking.

    One of those disposable underwater cameras is fun and they actually do a pretty decent job.

    Plenty of sunscreen.

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    Take plenty of sun screen and swim suits. Have fun.

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    Read The "I wish I thought of that thread"... everything you need to know is there and then some. Have fun! Just remember... don't over pack. You will be surprised how much you bring and don't need, especially when it comes to clothes.

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    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions!! I do always overpack and never wear half the things I bring, so I am going to try to bring one suitcase!! This should be good, I have never traveled anywhere on vacation that light! lol

    Thanks again!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    Here is one list that I go by from someone on the boards who was kind enough to share [hers]...
    I was going to post my packing list, but I see that someone already did. The preceding text didn't make it, so I feel compelled to add that we travel with carry-on luggage only. Also, we both wear our running shoes while traveling because running shoes take up a lot of room in your luggage if you pack them and because we've had to run through airports before.
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    four shorts and tops
    three to four sun dresses for dinner
    one bathing suit
    three dress pants and shirts
    two shorts & shirts
    one bathing suit


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe&Missy View Post
    four shorts and tops
    three to four sun dresses for dinner
    one bathing suit
    three dress pants and shirts
    two shorts & shirts
    one bathing suit

    Could not have said it better myself. YaMon - Jamaica come soon.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Default dont forget.............

    Take an open heart and mind.
    I always take a journal. (i know i have posted this before). But i find it so meaningful to come home and re-read all my post from our trip. Its a great way to jot down people, names, and mostly the whole experience. I can take hundreds of pictures, but the journal allows me to recapture all those pics, with the whole experience. Take a moment on your balcony, or patio, with a cup of the blue mountain coffee, and capture your will be happy you did
    Also,be ready for the Jamaican people they are going to take you in, from the first "Ya Mon"!
    Learn from them, and embrace their free-spirit.
    One love,

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    I brought far too many "dressy" outfits than was needed. A couple of sundresses and a nice pair of sandals for dinner is all you really need. The rest of the time you'll be in your beach clothes. If you're going to do excursions you might want to think about bringing water socks.

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    my first experience to jamaica and CSS august 22 to september 1st for honeymoon. glad i read this. i have to go re pack.

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    Just got back from CSS and we didn't wear half of the clothes we brought. I wish I would have brought a small container of woolite for handwashing our clothes.

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    We leave tomorrow. I am bring 10 dresses, two pairs of shoes, one pair of flip flops, 5 swimsuits and 4 cover-ups and one pair of shorts and one tank top. We are going for 8 nights. I will probably wear every item but one. That has been my experience in the past, but I will not wear the same dress twice.

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    We are here right now at CSS and I WAY overpacked. Just wanted to be prepared for anything..We're only on day #2 and I can tell - I could have packed everything in a carry-on only - next time I will know better!

    Taking a break in the room right now...we are in the A block and LOVE it! What an amazing room and view. We did lots of exploring this morning. Everything is awesome - life is good!
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