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    Default photo of banana stuffed french toast?

    Does anyone have a photo of the famous banana stuffed french toast? I'd like to make it using the recipe posted on this board but want to try to make it as authentic as possible! Six months to go for our first trip to CSS. Can't wait!!

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    Man! This stuff MUST be good. Lol. Now I wanna see the pictures too!

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    If you want to make it more authentic, take the recipe off this board, and instead of milk, use heavy cream. That's what they use at the resort. (I asked.) Maybe that's why I gained 5 lbs in a week our first trip there.
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    Yes, I printed out the recipe from this board and thanks for the tip! I'll be using heavy cream. Just waiting for my bananas to ripen.........

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    i soo dont remember this from our trip 3 years ago! we are going back next sumemr an di am def going to try it. is it on the buffet or do you have to ask for it

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