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    Default How much to go fishing at CSA?

    I will be there real soon and I was hoping I could go fishing. Not sure if I can afford it or not so I thought I would see if anyone here has embarked on that adventure before? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I don't care what I'm fishing for, just looking for some sport fishing why my new wife is in the spa.


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    There are two ways to go fishing, and I have done both numerous times.

    1. Take one of the few professional charters. Last time we went was $500 for a half day trip. The boat fits 3 couples well, so find others that want to go and share the trip. Can be fun, may catch stuff, may not.

    2. Walk the beach find the local fishermen along the beach witht here 30 foot overgrown canoes with a 25 hp motor on them. Pay then about $60 per hour and go out with them. Just as good odds of catching stuff

    My opinion, I have a great time with thelocals and am contributing to their lively hood.

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    Default Fishing

    I was at CSA last Feb/Mar for 2 weeks and I asked at the tour desk and Watersports. They hooked me up with 4 other guys for $125 per person (myself) to go out with them. Unfortunately, the water was too rough and we never got to go out.
    Ask at the tour desk, they do take singles! Apparently the Charters are through Captain Stanley and you need a certain threshold number of people but it is an open Charter if the boat is not full up to (I think) six persons, then they will book you on as a single.

    I am going again this February and my wife won't go near a boat so I am hoping to team out with some other folks who want to split a Charter from sometime during February in 2011.

    Good Luck!!
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