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Thread: June 2010

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    Default June 2010

    Just wanted to say Hello to everyone thats going to CTI in june 2010 x

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    This thing is going to be neaat if and when I figure it out. Dustin and Megan....Brian and Kristen say it is a go for June 5-16 next year.
    KBD, Dustin says June 2-12....I think we will arrive June 6 or 7 and stay until the 17th or so. Audra is trying to get in touch with Mike and Susan as well as Jonathon and Laurie. We will talk to Billy and Wendy soon. You know Tony and Mary will be there also. We can't wait!!!!!!!!

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    Default Just booked!!

    I just booked our third trip to CTI and I'm totally excited. Now I have a little less than a year to anticipate it all. We have typically gone in January, and I think most of our January friends are still booking for January, so we'll be looking forward to making some new friends next June!

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    We have officially booked as of today....June 6 - 16, 2010. We always go in June and ya'll will love it. There is a great June group developing. We are thinking about trying to squeeze in a short (4-5 day trip) in January. Any thoughts or suggestions???

    It's on my friend. Look out!!! Let's try to find time to get together for dinner in the VERY near future.
    How is the new job?
    Our best to Megan also......

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    my new wife and I will be there near the end of the month hopefully we will meet lots of new fun people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Audra View Post
    ... Any thoughts or suggestions???

    Yes, I suggest you go out to TI and Tell Damion I said hello, drink a Dirty Banana for me, and HAVE A BLAST!!

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    Default We are booked!

    Megan and I booked over the weekend. We are a go June 2-12 2010. Can't wait. Gives me inspiration to work! Just joking I think I now have one of the coolest jobs ever. The rooms are around 60 to 65 degrees. Which is nice considering the heat we have been having here in Texas.

    We got a new camera and just ordered the dive case today. I am going to go to a dive shop and get a safety strap so I don't loose this one and we will actually have pictures to show everyone.

    Megan and I can't wait to see everyone again and hope everyone is doing great and enjoying there summer.

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    We're down to 11 months!! 11 isn't that big of a number.

    Kristin and Brian

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    Allens_Angel what days are you booked for?

    It is kinda a pain to post on this message board. I keep getting logged off and my post are getting erased before it will allow my message to go through.

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    Default Returning

    We haven't been to Couples since June 06 and plan on returning sometime in June 2010, probably around the third week in June. This would be our 15 trip and we are anxious to see the changes that have taken place there.

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    Hey all!!!

    We have been out of commission for over a week now. partly due to being out of twon and partly due to our computer crashing, then haveing to coordinate schedules with the Geek Squad to install ATS (all the shi_). Anyway, I am back now.

    Dustin, how is the new job going? We really want to find time to come see ya'll. We'll bring the boys and maybe we can all go down to the Kemah Boardwalk.

    Our time is running out. I can't believe that I report back in less than a month. I have to go earlier because we start practices. YUK!!!!!

    To all the others that will or at least are considering joining us next June......
    Welcome aboard. If you have the choice, try to go in the first half of June. There is really a GREAT group of people there at that time and always room for more. If you are up in the air and have questions, please ask...we are all happy to help in any way we can. Looking forward to seeing each of you again. Hang in there, the countdown clock is running!!!!!!

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    Default Bar Tender

    Is Damion still the bartender on TI? We were there when he first started a few years ago, replacing Shawn. We think he was the best of all the bartenders that were out there. Also, we read that they are allowing weddings on TI now so do force everyone to get dressed, leave or what during the wedding?

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    Billy and Kristin just be happy you get an approx two month vacation every year! How cool is that. Megan and I are ready for you to come and visit with the boys. The Kemah board walk is a fun thing to do in the evening for sure. We have a family reunion next weekend for Megans family. I can't hardly wait. Opps I forgot she reads this thing too. I really should learn to keep my comments to myself. OH well...when I mess up I just remind her that I am taking her to Jamacia in a few months. It is a year long get out of free card. LOL!

    Work is going great. I have one of the coolest jobs ever. We don't save every life but when someone comes in with bad chest pain and they think they are dying and we hurry and get a stent placed and they feel alive and no pain again it is pretty awesome. We have been extremely busy and working our tails off and it will only get busier when the ER opens at the end of this month. Keep your fingers crossed for a mild hurricane season.

    Tropical, Damion is still the bartender out on TI. No weddings went on on the island while we were there so I can't speak from experience but Damion said that they ask everyone to leave the island at 4 pm instead of 5 pm when a wedding was scheduled to take place on the island. From what I understand is the island is there private island for the ceremony. Besides I don't think people would like a bunch of naked people in there wedding fotos but who knows....different strokes for different folks right???

    :-) Hope everyone continues to have a safe and happy summer. See ya soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin_Megan View Post
    Allens_Angel what days are you booked for?
    We are booked for June 5 - 13th !!! YAY !!!!

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    Billy, I don't know about you but I can't wait for Kristin to get back to school. She is to the point now where she is bored and is thinking of stuff that we could do around the house. Yesterday and today we're painting our living room because she wants something to do. The sooner she gets back to school means the sooner the school year comes to an end which means the sooner we will be heading back to Jamaica!

    Kristin and Brian

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    Brian...Is that what causes those thoughts of remodeling/honey do list...boredom...hmm looks like I need to find stuff to keep my wife busy so those thoughts of hers will go away. You think I could convince her of a second job.

    You all know I am going to be killed for posting this so if I am not on the message board for a while please call the cops! lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin_Megan View Post
    Allens_Angel what days are you booked for?

    It is kinda a pain to post on this message board. I keep getting logged off and my post are getting erased before it will allow my message to go through.

    We are booked for arrival on June 5 and departure on June 13. Seems so far away, but I know it'll be here before we know it!!!

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    Well I booked today to run in Houston's Aramco Half Marathon. I am hoping this will be my motivating factor to get me back to the gym. Billy you need to register and run it with me.

    You are right it does seem so far away but time is going by so fast. We will be back before we know it. It is def. my motivating factor to work some over time.

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    What is that 13 miles or so?
    I got a good truck to need to run!!!
    And besides, I have given up stealing need to run when no one is chasing me!!!
    You are a maniac anyway...I could see us running together, well, you running, me in the early stages of a stage 20 heart attack and you talking sh**! "Come on wuss, run through it, just run through it!!!!!" Sounds like LOADS of fun to me!!!!
    How about this, I'll come sown and drink one double crown at each mile you complete. Then, at the end, we will both be goofy and we will both fell like crap the next day.

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    Allans Angel,
    We are going to be there with you, we are coming in the 6th and leaaving the 16th.
    Where are ya'll from and what are your names?
    Ever been to CTI before or any Couples?
    If you don't have it, I'll find the link for our countdown clock and send it to you. Just put in the date you arrive in Jamaica and watch it count down. We have fun with it all year.
    Welcome to the June 2010 thread.

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    Hi. My name is Angie and my husband is Allan. We are from Jenks, Oklahoma - just outside of Tulsa. We're looking forward to meeting you and your wife, who I will assume is Audra.
    We have been to CTI twice before and love it. We do travel other places, unlike some of the people you will meet here, but we love Jamaica and obviously loved CTI enough to return, yet again. We're looking forward to seeing all the new and improved things since the renovation, and making some new friends.
    Will you and your wife be out on the island? We will, for sure!
    See you next June!
    Angie & Allan
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    You assume right, Audra is my wife of of 17 years. We live on Lake Conroe in the small town of Montgomery, about an hour north of Houston. We to have traveled all over...Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc, but like ya'll, keep returning to Jamaica (Couples). We have been to CTI twice and negril once. You and Allan will definitely find us at the island as well as Dustin and Megan. As long as you keep coming back to this thread, you will get to know Dustin and I, as well as Kristen and Brian (kbd). Occasionally, Megan gets on here, but I always think it is Dustin.....I have to watch her, she is SNEAKY like that. My wife Audra, and Kristen's husband Brian are more facebook type people, so they don't spend as much time on here.
    Anyway, we certainly look forward to meeting both you and Allan next summer. It seems so far away, but I know it will pass quickly (at least I hope so!!!).
    Talk to you soon,

    Are you freaking out? I can't believe summer is almost over. Where the heck did it go??? I actually have my first meeting that I have to attend one week from Friday. That is SUCH BS!!!!
    Good luck and may your classromm be limited as to the number of little turds that you have!!!

    What's up with the working stiffs???? LOL!!!!!!!
    I am still off, (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) but only for another week or two, then back to the grind. YUK!!!!!
    Audra's list of honey do's is getting longer and my NEED to play more golf is getting in the way of that......I sure wish she was rich or would work harder. I don't want a job anymore....I just want a LIFESTYLE!!!!!!
    Call me when you can!

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    We will be at CTI June 14-21 for our honeymoon! Very excited!

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    You have picked one of the best resorts in the world for your honeymoon. Megan and I will miss you, but you will get to meet two good friends of ours, Billy and Audra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stadt2b View Post
    We will be at CTI June 14-21 for our honeymoon! Very excited!
    Congratulations !!! CTI is an excellent choice for a honeymoon !!! I wish we could get together for a wedding toast however you will be there after we leave. When we were there in January 2008 we met a couple that were getting married at CTI. Even though we had just met, we became friends and they even asked us to stand up with them at their wedding. It was so cool !!
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