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    Default End of August, hurricanes?

    Hello everyone, I am a little upset because I read on some expert hurricane sites that this year they 're going to be a lot of hurricanes hitting the Atlantic..and the weather forecast for Jamaica next week says thunderstorms..ouf, I'm worried now, we're going to CN on 28th of August till the 4th of September. Have you heard or read anything for that time that is reliable?

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    No worries Mon !!! We will be at CSA the same dates. We were there during Gustav a couple years back and it was no big deal. It came through during the night and rained the entire next day, so we lost a day on the beach. But the upside ..... some killer waves the next couple of days for bodysurfing !!!

    Yeah there is always a chance of a hurricane this time of year, but you're going to be spending a week in Paradise so there is no time for worries .......
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Don't worry too much about the experts. LOL They predicted this to be a very active Atlantic season... but it really hasn't been. They already adjusted their estimate for number of storms down once. We leave in a week and I'm not worried about it (of course I live in hurricane central and am used to tracking the storms!) Have a great trip!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Be glad your going to a resort in the Caribbean Sea.

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    Thank you for the support! I wish everything is going to be more than fine for all of us!! 13 days left! youhouuuu! (this in greek sounds like yeaaa LOL )

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