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    Default Quantity of school supplies

    My husband and I were at CTI last Nov for our honeymoon and are lucky enough to go to CSA this Nov. With school starting up around here I would love to buy some school supplies to bring to donate to a local school or something. How many of each item would be sufficient? And how do you go about arranging to take the items to a school? I have read threads on here about people going to a school to deliver the items they've brought with them. I am not a teacher, but love the idea of going to a school to deliver items that they could use.

    And what about this list for items to take?
    -Loose sheets of paper
    -Glue Sticks
    -Colored Pencils

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

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    Good for you.
    With the current policies on checked bag fees and weight/baggage limits it is getting harder to accommodate school supplies when packing for Jamaica. All the items you have listed will be used and appreciated. We packed a whole suitcase of school/art supplies (my wife is an art teacher for over 30 years) on our first trip to CSA in '05, but there were no fees for checked bags and weight limits were much higher at that time. We did not go to deliver the supplies, we left them with the front desk and they took care of getting them to where they were needed. Since then we make annual donations to the Issa Trust and depend on them to use the money where it is needed. So far they have been doing wonderful work with our modest funding.

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    CSA donates supplies to Mt Airy Basic School, where they can accomodate up to up to 85 children, ages 3-6. According to the teacher, regular school supplies, as well as hands-on toys are always welcome:

    crayons, glue, etc.
    Play Doh
    Cardboard (flat) puzzles (ABCs/123s/etc.)
    playground/outside toys
    gross motor toys (blocks, etc.)
    finger paints

    I imagine these things are ALWAYS in high demand on the island, just as they constantly out of stock here with my preschoolers. That said, baggage fees are to be expected if you exceed wieght limits. Pack accordingly
    Enjoy your travels, and thanks for thinking of the kids!

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    Either I am going to pack lighter (then we can buy stuff to bring home and know we will have room) or take a suitcase specifically for the school supplies. I have tried picking up some things that are on the lighter side so I can take more!!

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    Default Packing School Supplies

    You also have to consider Jamaican Customs. If you are bringing in suit cases full of stuff to leave in the country, you could be charged duty on it.

    If you were to donate to a local charity, which in turn purchased the school supplies, you would be helping the school children, helping the Jamaican merchant selling the school supplies, and helping your self get through the airport easier.

    The other benefit to having supplies purchased locally is that they can purchased based on what is needed, as opposed to making use of what is available.

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