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    Default transportation from airport....question

    Hello! My fiance and I are going on our honeymoon to CSA over Thanksgiving and CANNOT wait!!!

    We fly in on a Saturday like 1:45 pm...what should we expect? How long through customs, do we need to call when we get to Couples lounge or will they know???

    We also fly out the following Saturday, and fly out at 3:00 pm..what time will we need to leave the resort?? (Boooooo)

    Many thanks!

    Amanda and Aaron
    (married on 10/10/10 after 10 years!)

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    Sometimes the lines in customs is long on a weekend and sometimes not. It depends on how many planes are landing at approx. the same time span. You do not have to do anything except go through the customs line, pick up your luggage and go through the "something to declare" line or "nothing to declare" line. Once you get through that last line, go left and at the end you will see "couples". They will know you are coming and should have your reservation. When you get there just give them your name and go to the bar for a Red Stripe or a soda to cool off. Try to wait to use the bathroom until you get there too. They are much better at the "couples lounge". Have fun, I'm jealous, but can't be too jealous because been to Jamaica 7 times.

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    Oops, forgot to say that the Couples resort will also take care of you and tell you when you need to leave. They will tell you all the details the day before you leave. No worries when you are in Jamaica.

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    Getting through Jamaican Immigration will take as long as it takes. There are generally more people arriving on the weekends, and whether there is a long line will depend upon how many flights landed around the same time that your flight did. The immigration process has gotten better in recent years. We usually arrive on a Friday and generally have waited no longer than 20 minutes in our last 6 or 7 trips.

    If you made your own reservations and didn't provide Couples with your flight information at that time, call Couples' 1-800 number and let the agent know of your arriving flight. After you land and proceed through immigration and then customs, you'll proceed to the Couples lounge. Check in with the Couples employee at the desk, and he or she will check your name off of their list and notify your resort that you've arrived and are en route.

    You'll be invited to grab a Red Stripe or two and can sit at the bar or on a couch until a shuttle is available to transport you to your resort.

    When you arrive at the resort, you'll fill out a form that requests information on your departing flight. Based upon that information, Couples will scheduled a shuttle to transport you to the airport at the conclusion of your stay. Couples used to schedule the transport from the Negril resorts for four hours prior to the time of the departing flight but more recently has been scheduling the departures for five to five and one-half hours before. Based upon the most recent departure times, you could be scheduled to leave around 9:30 or 10 am.
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    Custom have never been a problem arriving in JA! Congrats on your soon to be marriage! Maybe we will see you at CSA. We will be there the week of Thanksgiving also!! Congrats!

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    I have never called in and told them when I would arrive. That is why you book through a travel agent. Let them handle all of that, it is their job.

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    we flew in on saturday the 14th and had we gotten in 10 minutes later we'd have had a huge line at immigration but all told maybe 30 minutes at most and most of that was waiting in line at immigration, customs took me 5 seconds max. the ride to the resort (css) took about 90 minutes, if you get motion sick make sure you take some meds before the drive. my wife gets slightly motion sick and the drive to css really did a number on her, which is surprising with how I drive.

    enjoy your trip, this is a magical place

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    We left CN on August 13. Our flight was 2:30pm and we were asked to have bags ready by 9:00am and the shuttle would depart at 10:15. Getting to Mobay airport early isn't a bad thing, good duty free liquor and last minute t-shirts, as well as an overpriced lunch at Margaritaville....and one last beer...too bad Couples didnt have a departing lounge, I would pay to sit there...but then again might miss my flight lol..


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    Thanks everyone!!!!! Sounds so easy!!! We are sooooo looking forward to this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarmanpa View Post
    [M]y wife gets slightly motion sick, and the drive to css really did a number on her, which is surprising with how I drive.
    Next time, fly on TimAir.
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