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    Default Delta Airline Question- 16 more days!!

    We will be going on our honeymoon to CTI on August 29, 2010. I have a question about the airline and can't seem to find a straight forward answer on their site. I've read alot about these 3 oz bottles? Is this ONLY for your carry on?
    Can you take regular size bottles in your 'checked' bag?
    What about a hair straightener (chi)?
    Razors? and Hairspray aerosol can?

    This is my first time flying since I was 5 and me nor my fiance have ever been out of country. Heard some horror stories about bringing wrong things and they think bad of you. Just don't want anything confiscated.

    Thanks to all in advance!!
    SOOOOoooo Excited!

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    Yes, the 3 ounce rule is only for your carry on.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    As NeedBlueWater stated, yes its for your carry on only. You can bring normal size items in your CHECKED luggage only. I would like to suggest you place all your items in zip lock bags, the pressure always seems to make something leak and I dont want it all over my clothing. I also bring a hair straightener and that bag always seems to get searched by TSA. They see it, and just want to verify..
    TSA also wants you to put all your spare batteries in your carry on. The web sight
    has a lot of great info on it, to answer any more of your questions!

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    The three once rule is for your carry-on - and they must all fit in a one-quart ziplock bag per person. You can put any size liquids in your checked bags, but do put them in a plastic bag for safe keeping. Mousse especially doesn't handle pressurization well. Aerosol is a liquid, so that has to go in your checked bag if it is over 3 ounces. Razors can be put in your carry on as long as they are the "safety razors" that most everyone buys (not the actual razor blade by itself).

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