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    Default Walking the Beach

    Can you walk the entire length of beach or are you restricted at other resort properties?

    Are locals selling things a problem on the beach? Are there a lot, are they aggressive? Common sense rules, but good to know what to expect.

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    At the Negril resorts you can walk along the beach as far as you like. You just can't walk onto the resorts. There are vendors all along the way

    The resorts in Ocho Rios are on private beaches so there is no way to walk off property along the beach. That fact makes it nice and private

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    Seven Mile Beach and Bloody Bay (CN) are both public beaches, therefore there are no fences/barriers blocking you from walking. Unlike Mexico where the beaches are barricaded by other resorts. CN security staff was very diligent in getting our names and room numbers if we ventured further down the beach. And they always remembered us when we came back.

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