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    Default CN private sunset cruise

    I have looked everywhere on the website, I know I saw it while I was at CN, but does anyone know what the cost is for the private sunset cruise?

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    The CN sunset cruise is free but they do ask for a tip to the crew as they are not CN staff. When you get to CN go to the sports building on the beach and sign up. When we were there they moved the Thursday cruise to Wednesday because of windy weather so we had to go on Saturday (we arrived on Wednesday after they left). It started with pouring down rain, lightning and thunder but we all still went. It was shortly over and we had a great time. Have a red stripe and rum punch for us!

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    The previous poster is referring to the free catamaran cruise (i.e booze cruise).

    The private sunset cruise is $250 per couple. You are taken to the dive boat for a cruise down the main 7 mile beach and return as the sun is setting. Drinks and light snacks are provided.

    I did this for my husband a couple of years ago. It was very nice. We will do it again!

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    Thanks Leoconnor. I am glad that you enjoyed, I was thinking of this for my husband for next year.

    Trob, thanks, but I knew the cat cruise was free, we are planning trip number 7. I am glad that you were able to go. When we went a couple of weeks ago it had started raining as we were getting on the boat and then for a short while after that but the sun always comes back out and there was a great rainbow.
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