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    Default Went to Mexico....

    We were married at CSA in 2006 and went back for our second trip in 2008. This year we thought, let's try a new place. What a bad idea!!!! From the minute we got to the resort (which was a nice five star in the Riviera Maya) we were constantly comparing it to CSA. Even though there were more restaurants and things to do at the resort in Mexico we still couldn't get away from the feeling of CSA. There is just something so special about CSA....we can't wait for our next trip home

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    Default It takes a big person to admit they were wrong

    Couples "relaxed atmosphere" & that "now this is what I'm talkin' about feeling" just can't be matched. I'm really not sure what it is exactly ............. just can't quite put my finger on it ............ but it's definitely there. Other resorts may offer more glitter but that's about it. You've learned a valuable lesson so now let it go & just start looking forward to your next trip "home".

    We tried a lot of places (in Jamaica & on other islands) before we found Couples & decided "why look further when this is exactly what we're looking for????" We may wander between their 4 resorts but we've stopped exploring new options. Just wishing Couples would get a few more locations on some other islands but until they do ............... Jamaica & Couples here we come.

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    As they say once you go you know. Now your have just reconfirmed to yourself what a wonderful place Couples and Jamaica really are.
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    We live next door to Mexico. NO WAY I would ever go there again. Cheap? Yes! Safe? NO

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    There is truly no place like home!! We did the same thing and were miserable!! My husband said "NEVER AGAIN" and I whole heartedly agreed

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    We were married at CSA in July 2008. When planning a vacation for October 2010 we contemplated other destinations, but didn't think we would have as much fun as CSA. We are even bringing another couple with us to CSA!! 421 days til CSA!!!!

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    We have also been to other resorts, tried Mexico a few years ago and while we had a good time, we all agreed that there was notthing like Couples. For us it is CN. Everywhere we go we miss the vibe, the people, the food.

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    I know the feeling. We have been lucky to have been many times to the Caribbean and this year was our first time to Couples CSA. I admit that this was a step up in cost from other places but it was a special occasion, our 25th Anniversary.
    We have been home a month and for that month I have been looking into going back next year. The cost from the UK has gone up quite a bit because of fuel costs plus the exchange rates. However, every time I look at cheaper holidays, not so long haul holidays or any holidays other than Couples I find myself not wanting to go. All I can think about is the great time we had. The Room, the Staff, the Food, the Beach, the People we met and everything else that is Couples. We are close to booking now for next year just need Jan to sort out time off from work.
    OK the price has gone up. OK theres no Anniversary. But as someone said "When you have been you know". From know on I feel I would rather miss a year and go to Couples every other year than go elsewhere.


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    We went to St. Lucia this May. The island was beautiful, but the Resort couldn't hold a candle to Couples.
    It was all inclusive. The food was in no way the presentation and quality of Couples.The staff was not as friendly.
    The beach was public and not clean.
    We have decided the only change in our future is to try a different Couples in Jamaica.
    Trip #5 CN Nov24th-Dec 1st.

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    From where we live, we could be in Mexico in fifteen minutes.

    We save for years to visit Jamaica instead.

    Does that tell you anything ?

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    My husband and I went to Riviera Maya last year. We had a nice time but it didn't compare to Punta Cana. And I'm guessing our upcoming trip to CSA will be much nicer than Riviera Maya!

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    After three trips to Swept Away, we went to Riviera Maya last December, mostly because of the fact we went with other family members snd that is really where they wanted to go. The resort was really nice and the staff friendly and all, but something was missing. The staff, while pleasant,was not as cordial. Tipping, while suppossed to be included was almost required. The sea was rougher and we could not take the floaties from the pool to the beach. The food was very good and there were more restaurants, but the similarity between the menus was sort of boring.

    All in all we missed Swept Away, and are thrilled to be returning this December.

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    Couples is a safe place to go and they take care of you from the airport and back to the airport. Mexico is just not safe anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danielle23 View Post
    My husband and I went to Riviera Maya last year. We had a nice time but it didn't compare to Punta Cana. And I'm guessing our upcoming trip to CSA will be much nicer than Riviera Maya!
    Oh Daielle, if you liked Punta Cana, you are going to think you died and went to heaven when you arrive at CSA.

    We were in Punta Cana last year and while it was ok, we won't ever go back. The resort was nice and so was the beach, but I don't think that people or the staff can even be compared to the staff at Couples. But the biggest thing was the overall vibe of the resort and the island, just not the same.

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    Default Blondie was right

    Been to Punta Cana and I agree with Blondie. It was o.k. but certainly nowhere near as special as a Couples resort and Jamaica!! Not the beach, the people or the ambience. Plus they speak Spanish and I don't....can be a problem.

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