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    Default When Did This Happen?

    I have a friend who just returned from CSA. I had shown her my (empty) lotion bottle from our trip last fall, and had her excited about the nice size shampoo, aloe etc that would be in her bathroom. She reports that those are now all contained in a 'box' on the bathroom wall that dispenses it. Make me sad, because even the smell of my (empty) lotion brings back very fond, I loved the lotion!!

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    My guess would be it is more economical for the resort to refill the dispenser and then they have no little plastic bottles or tubes to recycle,,,agree thou, the scent brings back great memories..

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    While at CN last week one of the dispensers in our shower did not work, the shampoo one, we told housekeeping about it, they started putting the bottles in the room.

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    I had a bar of soap which lasted forever in my travel bag and everytime I needed to "get away" from my business trip, I smelled the soap and it brought me back to Jamaica. That was an economical "vacation" for me!Its amazing what scents will do

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    They still had tubes in April. That's too bad. I like using the aloe and lotion when we are away. It motivates me to book more trips back.

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    All those little plastic bottles fill up landfills. AND you could never get all of the product out of those little bottles. I may bring and extra empty 3 oz. bottle for the aloe gell. I like having that on hand at home for burns and such

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    Does anyone one know if CN has done this as well?
    One Love,

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    Wow...that must be very new. We returned from CSA 3 weeks ago and there were still the bottles of everything and also a nice tube of body cream.

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    hmm that must be new, there were single bottles back in april. I know what you mean about the smell though, we went to CSA the 1st time in 07 and the blue shower gel smelled so good, when we returned this april it had changed and had a soapy smell not the tropical coconut floral smell it had before, it was a bit disappointing. Good to know about the dispenser, I will bring my own then. That idea kinda grosses me out a little.
    Erika & Sean

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    It is a business after all. I can see where the dispensers would be economically preferable to the individual bottles. Less waste, much more efficient packaging, lower cost for bulk product and, as mentioned, the environmental impact is much more earth friendly. While we all would like to see Couples stay just the way we remember it, time marches on and things will progress and evolve.

    Hey, the beach, sun, ocean, Jamaica and her people are all still there. It's all irie mon! Just go with the flow. We will be back at CSA in June.

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    Chill on the innovation, please..I understand cost effective, but, your most dedicated repeaters love the "little touches" that make couples our "home"...sounds like the "beepers" at lunch may be a plus, though
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    CN had bottles in July.

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    that must be new! we were there in July and we had bottles in our room

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