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    I have been trying to sign up for the Romance Rewards online and keep getting a message to try again later. Has anyone else had that problem? Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Same thing here...the area for folks who have already signed up is there..but if I click as a new member to sign up it says
    "Add guest configuration information is not available"

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    I was receiving the same thing, then I looked through my emails to find my confirmation information, and I tried logging in with my CRM Account Number with my password and it worked just fine! I hope this works for you too!

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    Try logging in with your CRM Account Number! It worked for me!

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    I've signed up and have 7 nights from last year and 9 nights coming up yet have a zero balance. I've emailed twice about this and had no reply. Somethings not quite right with RR

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