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    Default Atrium suites--bars/fridges installed

    So someone recently posted about the mini bars and fridges being installed in the Atrium Suites @ CSA. They said the bars were NOT currently stocked, but that the fridges are working.

    Does absolutely anyone know if they're stocking the fridges with at the VERY least water? Or soda, beer, etc?

    This was my biggest concern with being in the Atrium suites and not having access to bottled water (or soda/beer) while we're in our rooms

    Thanks all! 6 days and counting!!!!!!!!!!

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    Even if they are not stocked with water you could get a few bottles from the bar and take them back to your room. I know the bar in the Palms and the one upstairs there have bottled water. I actually liked the taste of their tap water and loved a nice glass of ice water so I was always asking for that instead of bottled. lol

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    Default true enough...

    Though I was sincerely HOPING that they'd be stocked! I'm assuming you can't take UNopened bottles of beer to your room....

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    The wonderful person who does your turn down will fill a pitcher of up of water and ice for you. Jamaica has the best tasting water we've ever had.

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    We are CSA now and enjoying our fully stocked mini-bar! Beers, water, soda and bottles of liquor as you request. Everything is perfect, as you all would expect. This is a top notch place.

    We had the repeaters dinner tonight with the GM, who said occupancy is at ~60%, which is very believable (lots of room at the beach and on the dive boat).

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    Default Omg!

    Are you saying you're in an atrium suite with a fully stocked mini bar/fridge?!?!?!?

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    You said your mini bar is fully stocked. Are you in an Atrium Suite?

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    We just returned from CSA. The mini bar in our Atrium Room had beer, water, soda, juice and a menu to order additional options. We switched rooms after the first night and both Atrium Rooms had a stocked mini bar, so I assume they are all stocked now!

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    Was there any road noise in the atrium suites? I definitely want to avoid that! Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne LeJeune View Post
    You said your mini bar is fully stocked. Are you in an Atrium Suite?
    Yup, you betcha! On both counts.

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    katielee we stayed in in an Atruim siute. No road noise!!!! Only thing we heard was a fountain durning the day and tree frogs at night.

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    Hi mact- you said you switched Atirum rooms. I'm curious why you did that. We're staying in the Atrium rooms next month and have been trying to find out if they are different. Thanks so much!
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    When you pre register online for your room you can specify which liquors to stock your refrigerator with. They have a list to choose from. Soda (Pepsi, Diet pepsi, and Ting) and water are normally stocked. If there is something else you want after checking in just fill out the slip in your room, leave it for housekeeping, and they will stock it for the next day. I assume you could also ask at checkin. No panicing here. You will be taken care of. This is after all Couples.

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    Default What???

    This is wonderful news! I can live without the TV but no minibar was a deal breaker! CSA '14 Atrium! Yay!

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    Mact-I, too am interested in the reason for your changing rooms in the same category.

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