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    We were married on March 6, 2010 at Couples Negril! I posted a review when we got back but now I would like to share our amazing pictures with you! We had the best time of our lives! Here they are, I hope this works!

    P.S. After the trash the dress, I rinsed out my dress in the tub, then let it dry and as soon as we got home had it cleaned, and it's good as new!

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    wow thats for sharing your pictures. Just Beautiful!

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    Which photographer did you use?

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    Great pics! My day is coming up in 74 days...cant wait! What photographer and what time of day was your wedding? The aqua of bridesmaid and groomsman looks great with the water/scenery....great choice. Congrats!

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    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I have to ask also, who did your photography? They did an amazing job! My wedding was in June, but I'm just curious. The color of the sky and water was amazing!

    Congratulations! Thank you for posting...just beautiful!

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    Thank you everyone! We were married at 11am, I heard the water was the brightest around that time, and they were right! We actually brought our own photographer with us from here in San Diego, he did my sisters wedding and I refused to be married without him!

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